Oh how I love food

Food and I have always had a really good relationship… maybe too good at times.  Luckily, this pregnancy has allowed food and I to maintain our relationship except for a few items.


We are not friends… not even acquaintances at this point.  I found this out one morning when Ryan was cooking a fantastic breakfast.  He is known for his delicious scrambled eggs and knock out hash browns.  Yum.  I came down the stairs and the smell about made me visit the bathroom.  I stopped right in my tracks and asked, “Honey, what are you making?”  Once, I heard bacon I knew that was the culprit and instructed him to immediately remove the bacon from the house!  He took the pan off the stove and put it on the back porch!  Ew, I had to get that smell out of the house.  I think we may have opened every window on the first floor.  So bacon is off-limits.


As someone who had, and I mean had to have a cup every morning, this comes as a huge shock to me.  We told our families the big news over Christmas this past year and always stay a few days with my parents, as they live out-of-town.  My wonderful father offered to make me decaf coffee one morning.  I was so excited!  (We don’t have anything but high test in our house)  The taste and the warmth of the coffee made me sick to my stomach.  I learned hot beverages are not something I enjoy right now :-/

Milk Chocolate

So weird.  I was a chocoholic before becoming pregnant.  In fact I still enjoy dark chocolate but there is something about the taste and texture of milk chocolate that makes me gag… who gags over chocolate??

~Food Ryan has learned to keep stocked in the house~

Red Delicious Apples

I currently eat 1-2 a day but seriously, I could eat so much more.  The crunch and taste of this specific apple lives up to Delicious in every way.  (ran to go grab an apple…. ok, I’m back)  I usually have one with breakfast and one for a snack in the afternoon.  Yum!

Red Grapes

These are like candy to me.  I think I may love them so much because they are the closest thing to wine I can have.  Man do I miss a smooth glass of Merlot.  I go through a bag of grapes at least every 3-4 days.  We did make the mistake of buying green grapes last week.  Yuck, won’t make that mistake twice. 

Triscuits and cheddar cheese

I mean what’s not to like here?  This is one of my fav afternoon snacks and pair it with grapes or an apple… fuhgeddaboudit.  I always buy the “hint of salt” Triscuits to cut down on the sodium intake.

Tuna and pickles

Tuna and I were in love before pregnancy.  However, I so wish this was on the can’t eat list for me, just because of the mercury content, but it’s definitely on the must have list.  I try to limit my consumption of tuna to once every 2 weeks but sometimes the weekly craving calls.  Good news though, from the research I’ve done 6oz of canned tuna a week is fine.  Just so happens that a can is 5 oz, so I’m under the weekly guidelines!


The biggest craving of them all…

~The Frisch’s Big Boy Sandwich~

Frisch’s is nothing new for me.  Growing up, whenever we spent the night with my Grandma you were guaranteed Frisch’s the next day.  It even became the destination for our birthday lunches with her!  Unfortunately, my Grandma was taken much too soon from this world and she isn’t able to share in this excitement with us.  This all-day-consuming craving I think is her way of saying, “I’m here Leah!”  So there is no way I’m ignoring it.  Ryan on the other hand hates, no loath’s Frisch’s.  So, every year for my Birthday week, that’s right we celebrate Birthday weeks in this family, I always go to Frisch’s at least 2 times in that week.  He smiles and doesn’t say a word for that one week 🙂 

Ryan asked if he could try to re-create the Big Boy sandwich at home to control quality of ingredients, cost and so he didn’t have to be subjected to Frisch’s menu.  I agreed and gave him a list of all the ingredients that are a MUST in order to truly recreate the Big Boy.  Everything he bought was perfect except for one thing.  I came home to this sitting on the counter.  I curiously asked, “What is this?”  He cautiously responded, “Tartar Sauce, it’s for the burger.”  Now, those of you who have had and love Frisch’s burgers know the essence of the burger is their fantastic sauce.  Ryan stated Kroger didn’t carry Frisch’s sauce… all I had to do was give him the eye.  He hopped in the car and headed to the nearest Frisch’s for some sauce.  Then the manager told him they just sold their last jar and will have more in next week.  He begged and pleaded stating his pregnant wife HAS to have this tartar sauce.  They filled up a to-go cup with the essence and he came home.  The burger he made was delicious and so very close to the real deal.  So good that my cravings are fixed with his recreation.  Oh Frisch’s why are you so good to me? 🙂

What were some of your cravings or aversions while pregnant?  Did they remain after the pregnancy?  I find it so fascinating all of the changes my body is going through and how somethings I used to love have changed.  Thanks for stopping by the blog! 


8 thoughts on “Oh how I love food

  1. Grandma would be so proud…. I know she is looking down on you and that little Blessing in your belly. Hopefully she will be there when it is time for him or her to come out and she will help. But if she is in a Bridge game (of cards)
    i wouldn’t count on it. lol

  2. I was a apples and carrot eater the first pregnancy. Anything fatty grossed me out and made me gag. The second time, look out McD’s. You know I ate so many Big Macs, that I swore Chloe was going to come out looking like Ronald McDonald (bright red hair and all)! LOL. Try pickles with PB on them…wierd, but YUMMY!

  3. Rachel sent me your blog page what a hoot. I really enjoyed reading about you and Ryan and baby Slicer. Can’t wait to be a great aunt.

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