Taking this team of 2 to 3

Ryan and I had talked about starting a family several years before we actually started trying.  We talked about when, how many, names, etc.  I must admit that Ryan wanted to try this time last year but I wasn’t ready.  Ryan graduated from college in May 2011, and I knew I didn’t want to start trying until that chapter was closed for us.  We hadn’t talked much about starting a family after that because he knew I just wasn’t ready.  In July 2011, I asked if he was still ready to start a family and I don’t know that I was able to actually finish my sentence before he yelled, “YES!”  We both decided to not talk about it for the next week but would each think about are we truly ready. 

There is so much to consider; finances, careers, and more importantly, are we ready to not just be Leah and Ryan anymore.  That week all of those decisions and so much more ran through my head.  That next Sunday after church, we went out to lunch.  We both agreed beforehand that if someone said, “I’m not ready”, that the other person would have to be supportive and we would revisit the topic in another 6 months.  We both sat down at lunch and the smiles on both of our faces gave each others decision away before we even spoke 🙂  We were both ready to take this team of 2 to 3.

If you read the About Us page you know my two favorite words are organize and strategize.  So we immediately headed to Barnes and Noble and each grabbed a pregnancy book.  I also grabbed Prenatal vitamins from the grocery.  I soon learned that the best way to ruin this experience was to organize and strategize. 

My family is full of honeymoon babies, special surprises, and all we did was share a bar of soap babies!  So I thought for sure that would be same for us.  When that did not happen I thought, oh well next month for sure.  Then September and October went by.  Now, every book and professional will tell you that it takes the average healthy couple up to a year to conceive, as every month you have only a 20% chance of conceiving.  I didn’t care, I thought for sure there was something wrong with us and we needed to have testing done.  This is where I had to give up my organizing and strategizing idea.  I thought, “But I’m taking the vitamins, tracking my ovulation, reading the books… why isn’t this working?!”  I realized I was actually ruining this experience for Ryan and I, worrying and analyzing everything we did or didn’t do correctly in my eyes. 

November was our 8 year dating anniversary.  I was born on 8/8/84, so the number 8 has always been lucky for me.  It just so happens it’s a special number for Ryan and I, as well.  We started dating on November 8, 2003, Ryan proposed on 8/3/08 and we were now going to celebrate our 8 year dating anniversary.  I gave up the organizing and strategizing for November.  Well, don’t ya know that is the month we conceived and our little punkin is due in August, the 8th month.  I should have known.

I actually thought for sure November wasn’t going to be our month but continued to test.  I tested 3 days and 1 day before my period should have started.  Both were negative.  However, on Friday December 4, the day I should have started, there were no signs of aunt flo in site.  I decided to pick up one more test on my way home from work and test Saturday morning… yeah, when I got home from work I ran into the bathroom to test thinking for sure it was going to be negative.  I took the test and laid it on the sink counter, sat on the floor and played with Bosco.  I leaned up to take a peak and to my disbelief there were two lines almost immediately!  I couldn’t believe it!  I started screaming, running around the house trying to remember where I put my cell phone.  Finally I found it and after 3 attempts to dial Ryan’s number I finally put the correct combination in.  I blurted out, “We’re not broken!  I’m pregnant!”  Turns out Ryan was at the top of a ladder, painting the side of someones house.  Not the best place to be when you wife calls with life changing news.  He immediately came home and I retested, just to be sure.  I let Ryan see the two lines come up and the look on his face was priceless.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him so happy and terrified at the same time! lol 

Although we were trying and were so excited to have this miracle… there came a point where I think we both resembled a deer in headlights.  I remember Ryan saying to me, “Are they going to let us keep this baby?  Like, they’re actually going to let us take it home from the hospital?”  I said, “I think so.”  Reality sets in and there is no turning back.  Almost like, we’re really doing this.  We’re going to be parents.  The fear and anxiety quickly turned back into absolute joy and euphoria. 

Next, we had to decide how we wanted to tell our families.  With Christmas right around the corner, we knew we had to incorporate it into each parents gift.  We gave Ryan’s father a picture frame that says, Me and My Grandpa, with a note inside the frame that says, Picture Coming August 2012.  His dad was overcome with emotion and so excited.  Ryan’s father sent us a picture that same night of the picture frame on his nightstand 🙂 

Next was Ryan’s mother, stepfather, and sister.  We bought this onesie and gave it to them the night before Christmas Eve.  When they opened it I believe the term used to describe his mom was a pogo stick with hair.  She even offered to take us to Frisch’s the next day for lunch!  Now that is the best way to put a smile on this prego girls face! 

Next up was my family.  My mom requested a photo calendar filled with pictures of our family over the past year.  So Ryan and I decided August would be this picture.  This was the hardest secret ever to keep from my sisters and my mom.  We didn’t want to tell my family until Christmas morning.  So, the next challenge was getting through Christmas Eve with my dads side of the family without cracking.   I knew the first question my dad would ask me was, “Hi Lee, can I get you a glass of wine?”  If I said no thank you, that would be like the Who’s of Whoville saying, Grinch.  Everybody would stop in their tracks and say, What! Why?  So, I said yes to the glass of wine and every so often would visit the bathroom sink, pour a little out to make it look like I was drinking it.  No one suspected a thing.  My sisters kept joking with me saying, “Leah, I don’t think wine is good for the baby.”  They had no idea I was pregnant but have been not so secretly hoping I was for the past year.  The next morning, I had my parents open the calendar together and when they finally flipped to August, it took them a second to realize what they were looking at.  The tears started flowing and the most exciting secret was finally out.  Ryan and I could finally take a deep breath!

It’s so amazing to truly have the best family on the planet.  Everyone is so supportive and so excited.  We feel so honored that our baby will make 3 new Aunts, 1 new Uncle, 5 new Grandparents, and 5 new Great Grandparents.  You were just the size of this blueberry when everyone fell in love with you.

No pressure or anything little bean 🙂 But there is so much everyone wants for you and we know you will give us more joy than we could ever imagine.  See you in August!  How did you break the news to your spouse and family?  Leave a comment and share your story! 

Have a great weekend and Go Bucks!

One thought on “Taking this team of 2 to 3

  1. This is very cute, Leah! I love the phrase “taking this team of 2 to 3.” At some point, there will be another 3-person team to join the Slicer clan 🙂

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