14 Weeks

Week: 14
Size: Lemon!
Baby’s job this week:  Hair may be sprouting from the top of baby’s head (which being my baby, no doubt this is happening!)  Eyebrows are filling in and baby is also growing Lanugo.  Lanugo is very thin hair that covers the body to protect and keep baby warm while in the womb.  Most of the body hair will shed prior to birth.
Symptoms:  I feel some stretching going on down there lately.  Also, this week I’ve started my nightly trip to the bathroom.  I’ve never had to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, so this is new to me.  Luckily, it’s only once in the middle of the night.
Sleep:  Weeks 4-10 were awful.  I don’t think I slept a full night that entire time.  I would fall to sleep after immediately hitting the pillow but I would wake up around 2-3am, my mind racing and unable to fall back asleep.  I invested in a body pillow and was sleeping like a baby weeks 10-12.  However, this week has been awful.  I am a back sleeper and since I can’t really do that anymore, trying to figure out how to get comfortable on my side is hard work.  A co-worker recommended a wedge pillow to support my back when I’m on my side.  A trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond is in the very near future.  Thanks Jerry!
Maternity Clothes:  I haven’t been able to wear my regular jeans since around week 6.  The bloat killed me.  However, my dress pants have been fine… but that may be coming to a close.  While going through a complete hormonal freak out about my jeans already not fitting several weeks ago, my best friend offered this suggestion, “Just make sure you are comfortable and you will feel so much better.”  Thank you, Lauren!  It’s so true, I broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans and no one knows they have that fashionable elastic band but me.  And I must say I do feel fabulous in them.  Right now, I am loving dresses in this waiting for the big bump stage. 
Food cravings:  Anything from the produce section!
Food aversions:  Bacon
What I miss:  Wine and blue cheese 
Movement:  Nothing yet
Gender: We will hopefully find out this week!
Favorite moment of the week:  We had Ryan’s cousins over for dinner and game night.  It was a.w.e.s.o.m.e!  To quote Steph, “I’m killing it at this game!”  That’s right, the girls won game night by a landslide.  It’s always so much fun with them.
What I’m looking forward to:  Finding out the gender this week!
Favorite Ryan quote:  “You’re like the Carrie Bradshaw of the pregnancy world!”

Happy Valentines Day to everyone tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “14 Weeks

  1. Hi, I don´t know you but I really enjoyed reading the whole post. Wonderful feelings in it! And wow – thats a huuuge family you have – it reads great and the posts really sparkles of joy. Wonderful. Thanks.

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