Happy Valentines Day!

Ryan is the kind of man that thinks a random Tuesday in March, is the perfect time for a thoughtful card and beautiful flowers.  I love how he catches me off-guard with his sweet acts through out the year.  Some of my favorites include him bringing me home a Reese Cup bar from the grocery store.  Without fail, he will walk up to me, hands behind his back, and say “Look what I got my girl.”  Such a delicious surprise!  I also love how he sometimes will hide all of the details of our date nights, just so I will be surprised.  I have a vivid memory of Ryan, after only dating for a few weeks, knocking on my dorm room.  I opened the door, his hands were behind his back, he then presented in his left hand a watermelon dum dum.  A couple days before, I had mentioned that was my favorite flavor.  I was blown away.  Such a sweet, kind, thoughtful gesture.  I knew he was a keeper!

My favorite memory of Valentines Day growing up is my dad giving us girls a Valentines Day card and those delicious, sugar overloaded cupcakes you get at the Kroger bakery.  Ya know, the kind where the frosting stains your lips and tongue.  Absolutely, delicious.   

I used to obsess about this holiday because I dated guys that only gave flowers or sweet little gifts on these media crazed holidays.  I even started to resent the holiday because my expectations were sooo high and I was always let down.  When you aren’t shown love except for one day of the year, that’s a lot of pressure!  When I started dating Ryan, my entire mindset changed.  He was so wonderful that I wanted to boycott Valentines Day altogether as I felt it was for those guys that don’t show love unless they are reminded.  However, I’ve learned that sometimes life gets a little crazy and it is nice to have a reminder to stop and appreciate each other.    

I’ve also learned that every holiday is whatever you make it to be.  Some consider Valentines Day “Singles Awareness Day”.  Valentines Day is a day to tell a co-worker how much you appreciate them, a friend how much you value their friendship, or stop and take the time to tell your family how much you love them.  Valentines Day is a day to stop and appreciate ALL of the wonderful people in our lives.  So don’t let the media force you to have a pity party, be a rebel and create new traditions for Valentines day.  Even if it’s just you, a bottle of wine, and a bubble bath.  Sounds fabulous to me 🙂  

I arrived at work today to these adorable and delicious cookies!  I was proud of myself for taking the picture and not immediately devouring them!  Seriously, how cute are these cookies?!  I l.o.v.e everyone I work with.  Some of the greatest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Our plans for tonight include making dinner together at home.  (I know you were probably waiting to read, ‘We’re going to Frisch’s!’, but alas we are not)  We both love to cook… sometimes argue about who is making dinner that night.  Tomorrow I will share pictures of our Valentines Day dinner!

Have a great day!

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