15 Weeks

Week: 15
Size: Orange
Baby’s job this week:  He is a whopping 4 inches long and weighs around 2 ounces!  He can now move all of his joints and limbs.  No doubt he’s squirming and dancing all around in there!  Toenails and fingernails are starting to form and the bones inside his ears are starting to harden!  His body is growing rapidly to catch up to the growth of his head.
Symptoms:  Hello energy!  I have missed you so much!  I have so much more energy than I did even just a week ago!  My bump is starting to take shape and make it’s self more noticeable 🙂 
Sleep:  So much better this week.  In fact, I’ve been getting some of the best sleep this week than I have the entire pregnancy so far.  I am loving the second tri so far!
Maternity Clothes:  My dress pants can’t be buttoned anymore but I have been using either the belly band or a handy-dandy hair band to keep them closed.  I bought a fabulous dress last week for the summer!  I am still loving dresses right now.  I don’t like anything tight on my belly.
 Food aversions:  Bacon
What I miss:  Wine and blue cheese.  
Movement:  Nothing yet
Gender: Boy!
Favorite moment of the week:  Finding out we’re having a boy!  The whole experience was so much fun and a bit overwhelming at times.
What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling the baby move
Favorite Ryan quote:  “You’re the packaging for our baby.  I have a whole new sense of love for you.”

Have a great week!

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