16 Weeks

: 16
Size: Avocado
Baby’s job this week:  He is about 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces!  His muscles are getting stronger, especially in his back to allow for all those twists and squirms.  He can see some light and can even move his eyes from side to side this week! 
Symptoms:  Just a growing bump!  I feel fabulous and other than fatigue have to remind myself I’m pregnant.
Sleep:  I think I jinx myself when I comment how sleep may be getting better.  This whole side sleeping business is just not my cup of tea as I am a back sleeper.  The other night I practically slept sitting upright in bed lol.  I see my Midwife tomorrow and plan to ask her about safe sleeping positions.  I am hesitant to continue sleeping on my back as most books have stated it decreases blood flow to the baby.
Maternity Clothes:  I need new bra’s… like yesterday.  I plan to buy a couple this week.  Still loving dresses and I am stalling to buy maternity dress pants for some reason.  Will probably purchase a few of those this week too.
Cravings: Tuna!  I want to eat it everyday with triscuits.  Anything beef I want to eat too which is so weird for me.  If I’d let myself I could easily eat a cheeseburger everyday. 
Food aversions:
What I miss:  Wine and blue cheese.  
Movement:  Nothing yet
Gender: Boy!
Favorite moment of the week:  We had Ryan’s cousins Nikki and Josh over for dinner on Friday.  This was way overdue as they bought a house within a mile or two of us back in the Fall.  We had so much fun!  We don’t get to see them too often which will hopefully change as they are so fun and just great people to be around.
Worst moment of the week: I included this just so I could vent my frustration with my Buckeyes.  Such a talented group of athletes but sometimes they look like they’ve never played together before!  Yeah, a loss to Michigan and Wisconsin just makes my skin crawl.  However, major shout out to my boy Deshaun Thomas aka D Train.  I hear team MVP in your very near future.
What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling the baby move.  I forgot to mention this last week but I’ve been told I have an anterior placenta, so I may not feel the baby move until after 20 weeks 😦
Favorite Ryan quote:  I don’t have a Ryan quote this week rather a favorite Ryan moment.  Every morning Ryan kisses me goodbye and for the past couple weeks he kisses my belly.  At night he does the same thing.  However, he doesn’t just kiss my belly he rests the side of his face on my belly, almost like he’s trying to hear our little man in there.  He is going to be an incredible father. 

Have a great week!

One thought on “16 Weeks

  1. I didn’t realize Elsie’s first movements were her moving. I figured it out when I felt the same sensation and saw the movement on the sonogram screen at the same time. It kinda of felt like gas in my abdomen. Sometimes when I have that feeling now, I have to remind myself that it’s not a baby! So pay close attention!!

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