Friday Finds!

I’m so excited about this weeks finds!  So excited that I almost posted a faux-Friday finds on Wednesday!

Ryan and I decided to head to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby on Saturday to look at and decide on major items to purchase: i.e strollers, car seats, monitors, etc.  I was kind of nervous because these situations tend to really stress me out.  There is just so much to choose from and of course I had my baby bargains book to compare each and every option.  I know, just reading that last sentence makes me exhausted.  However, we survived and zero arguments to report!   I was so proud of us… or rather myself!  I am so excited about the stroller we picked out.  It is the Baby Jogger City SelectWe are lucky enough to have a beautiful bike trail that runs 30 miles through our city.  It just so happens that at the bottom of our street there is access to the bike trail and a beautiful park.  We want a stroller that will be appropriate to take on the bike trail as we plan to use it almost daily during the spring/summer/fall months.  The community we live in does more walking and biking than driving.  We have a wonderful Farmers Market that runs from Spring to Fall within walking distance and has tons of shops along the way.  So we aren’t just buying a stroller for the occasional mall or zoo trip.  I believe this stroller will be used almost daily, Ohio weather permitting 😉  These are some awesome features the stroller offers:

  • When little Slice #2 comes along we won’t have to purchase another stroller.  It has so many different options as you can see in this picture.  It can accommodate up to two kids at different stages.
  • There are several accessories that can be purchased for the stroller such as a wind/rain canopy, child tray, mp3 console and more.
  • It can turn into a travel system very easily.  The car seat adaptors work with many popular car seat models currently in the market, such as Chicco, Graco and Evenflo and many more. 
  • It is also extremely light and can fold with using only one hand. 

This stroller does come at a bit of a price at $500 but in the long run I think it is the best bang for your buck as it also comes with a lifetime warranty.  The baby bargains book suggested this stroller as their “best buy” too.  We didn’t realize this until after we fell in love with the stroller!  I can’t wait!

A coworker notified me that nursing tanks were the daily deal at Target on Friday.  Apparently, there is this fabulous app that notifies you of the daily deals, which are worth checking out!  The nursing tanks were 50% off!  I quickly ordered 3 in white, black and grey!  This just proves my motto, “Buy items when they’re on sale not at the last minute when you need them.” 



Ryan and I are thinking about doing a vintage/retro/modern theme for the nursery.  We love incorporating the old with the new.  By performing a simple google search for “modern cribs” this picture came up.  I couldn’t believe where it took me… Walmart?!  I thought, “Okay, so it’s going to break within 1 month of its use.”  I turned to my Baby Bargains book and it turns out this crib, Baby Mod, is actually made by a company comprised of four brands: Million Dollar Baby, Da Vinci, Babyletto and Nurseryworks.  Baby Mod is a sub brand of Babyletto.  The book gave a ‘B’ rating for the brand mainly due to the poor quality of their dressers but said the cribs are of good quality.  It suggested this brand is great if you want the modern look on a budget… um hello?!  That’s us!  Ryan is having a bit of an issue with the whole “Bought it at Walmart” business, I however will never turn my nose up to a great deal.  Bring it on Wally World!

Lastly, I had to include my favorite dress from the Oscars last week.  Holy body Cameron Diaz!  I thought her dress was spectacular.  A couple of years ago, I competed in pageants and the number one rule was always to pick a dress that doesn’t wear you.  In other words, make sure the dress doesn’t overshadow you but rather highlights and shows off your best features.  Cameron, you nailed it!  I thought she looked feminine, elegant, modern and flawless.  I’m going to hang this picture up in my bedroom post-pregnancy, as motivation to get the baby weight off!

 Have a great weekend everyone!  

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