Under Construction

That about sums up what is going on in our home these days!  We bought our first home back in May and have been busy updating and making it our own ever since. 

Our home was built in 1948 and is full of character, which we love.  When we moved in the first thing we (Ryan) did was paint the main floor.  He painted all of the woodwork with Benjamin Moore Impervo, an oil based paint.  It instantly changed the look of the room and made it much more contemporary.  Ryan then painted all of the walls on the first floor.

Picking out wall colors is not my specialty.  In fact, I shouldn’t be allowed to go near a paint deck.  Every color I’ve ever picked has been so awful and not at all what I thought it was going to be.  Ryan has such a good eye and knows whether a red will look to pink or a purple will look to pastel.  So, I tell him what I’m thinking and he literally picks the color that I described.  He rocks!

One of the first major renovations we wanted to tackle was adding a bathroom to the upstairs master bedroom, as the house only has one bathroom which is on the main floor.  In August we decided, let’s do it!  We live in a cape cod, so the upstairs is one great big room.  Ryan is so handy that he has literally built this bathroom by himself, with the occasional and very much appreciated, help of family and friends.  We did hire professional plumbers and an electrician for those services.  Here are some pictures of the process:

This is what we had to work with.  The angled ceilings almost made us give up design wise, but we figured out a great layout!

See! Proof that I helped!

This wall is all about storage. The top nook will house clear containers containing cotton balls, q-tips, etc. And some pretty decorative items as well. The space below will be 2 large storage drawers. The space to the right will have shelving for towels and linens.

Shower floor is poured!

This is where we are today! Not much left to do but add all the pretty! Next up is installing the cement backerboard and tiling the bathroom! I can't wait

For the shower, we picked a greenish/grey glass tile for the floor and to act as an accent on the walls.  The shower walls will be covered in a textured, pearl white tile.  It is gorgeous!  The bathroom floor will be marble.

In order to get the plumbing upstairs, we had to rip through the downstairs bathroom wall.  Sooo…. we ended up completely remodeling the other bathroom too!  Again, Ryan did this remodel himself too!



Living Room




We also replaced our front door.

There is still lots to do.  Our plans for this Spring include (and in this order) finishing the Master Bathroom, setting up the nursery, building a raised vegetable garden and adding new landscaping to our front and back yards.  I sometimes thank God that I have weeds to pull, walls to paint, grass to mow and renovations to tackle.  These are the responsibilities of a home-owner and I am so glad to be one.  I love our home and can’t wait to bring little Slice into it.

Have a great day everyone!

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