Friday Finds!

Ryan and I are taking advantage of the beautiful weekend ahead of us by tackling our yard.  Trimming, pruning and rototilling are all apart of the game plan for this weekend.  So a lot of my finds this week revolve around the outdoors. 

One of the major tasks for tomorrow is cutting down our peach tree (cue the gasps).  I know, I know, why are we cutting it down?!  Because it was here when we moved in, we don’t eat peaches, it currently doesn’t bear fruit due to a fungus and it’s the only place for my raised vegetable garden to go.  There, does that make you feel better? lol  So this weekend we are taking it down and getting ready to build our garden.  I really like the height and overall size of this garden.  I can’t wait!




The front of our house doesn’t get too much sun light as it faces North.  I found this lovely flower container and think it will be the perfect accent for our front porch.

This containers contains A: Honeybush, B:Licorice Plant, C: Variegated geranium (Dolly Vardon), and D: Variegated geranium (Crystal Palace Gem).  I won’t be planting my containers just yet, but I am excited to have plans for this upcoming May! 

I also want to add a window box to the side of our house.  I think it will add so much color and life to our dull, white siding.  All I know is I want color, color and more color!  The side of the house receives morning and some afternoon light.  So I’m glad to be able to pick from a variety of sun loving plants! 

I love the combination of yellow and purple in this container.  It’s seems so fresh and springy to me.   This container, once matured, will be overflowing with petunias and the sweet potato vine which really appeals to me as well.  I am definitely drawn more to the country, free flowing containers vs a modern, structured design.




Lastly, I found this while scouring Pinterest.  40 different ways to wear a scarf?!  Thank you whoever decided this was necessary, because it is!  I love wearing scarves but have only my 3 go-to-ways to wear them.  It’s going to feel like a new accessory being able to change the look of my outfit without having to actually buy something new.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Go Buckeyes!

One thought on “Friday Finds!

  1. I love the raised bed idea. I do want to impress how important it is to have excellent soil in that box. In fact, I suggest buying the garden soil and compost. Weeds will be at a minimum and you wont need to fertilize until next year. Good luck!

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