19 Weeks


Please excuse the sleepy eyes and puffy face...this was about 20min after I woke up today lol

Week: 19
Size: Large Mango
Baby’s job this week:  He is half a pound and is about 6 inches long!  This week baby is developing nerve cells in his brain for his senses: taste, hearing, sight and smell.
Symptoms:  Belly, belly, belly!  Did I mention, belly! 
Sleep:  Like a baby 🙂 
Maternity Clothes:  I am loving dresses.  I need to purchase more casual shirts and pants.  I also need to invest in some dress pants for work.  For whatever reason, I’m dragging my feet on the dress clothes. 
Food aversions:  Nothing to report
What I miss:  Wine and blue cheese.  
Movement:  After feeling “bubbles” last week, I haven’t felt anything else since. 
Gender: Boy!
Favorite moment of the week:  Did you see my Buckeyes?!  Definitely the best moment of the week was the beginning of March Madness.  Ohio now has 4 teams in the sweet 16: Xaiver, OSU, OU and Cincinnati.  A state has never had that many teams in the sweet 16 before in the history of the NCAA tournament!  Way to go Ohio!  I do feel it is worth noting that Michigans last two loses of the season were to Ohio State and Ohio U.  Man does that feel good 🙂
What I’m looking forward to:  Thursdays OSU vs Cincinnati matchup and my momma coming to visit this Tuesday and Wednesday!
Favorite Ryan quote:  I can’t think of one for this week!  He must be watching his comments for fear of them showing up on the blog…

Have a great week!
Go Buckeyes!

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