Friday Finds!

The first find can be found on Etsy!  I have bought so many things over the years from different Etsy shops, including my wedding jewelry and my bridesmaids jewelry.  There is so much to find on this wonderful website the question really is where to start?!

Paper Llamas

I found out about this adorable Etsy store through a friend from high school.  Remembering that we are wanting a vintage/modern/retro nursery, she so thoughtfully sent me the link as this store offers vintage artwork for children.

I love the bright, bold colors in each of the pictures and think they would look adorable in a nursery, kids room or playroom.  There are several different themes to pick from through this shop such as bathroom decor, animals, and transportation. 


Ca-ute!  This shop on Etsy makes fantastic wall decals.  They have so much detail and you can customize colors on just about everything.  We are thinking this is something we would like to do in our little guys room.  More than likely the colors would be different but I love the look of the birch trees and the soft rounded leaves.  Such a good combo! 








The Land of Nod

If you haven’t visited this website before, immediately stop what you are doing and click on the link above (that is if you have a good 30 minutes to spare!).  This is where we registered for all of our bedding.

Not A Peep

Not A Peep








Perfect for our gray and yellow themed nursery, right?!  Adorable little birds, right?!  Turns out everyone else thinks so too… the bedding is back ordered until June.  It has me a little freaked out because this is the ONLY gray and yellow bedding we have found… that doesn’t cost more than the crib.  So, if we aren’t able to get the bedding in time we have to change our design for the nursery.  Stay tuned…

Have a great weekend everyone!
How about those Buckeyes 🙂

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