20 Weeks


Week: 20 (half baked!)
Size: Cantaloupe
Baby’s job this week:  He is 10 oz and about 6 1/2 inches long!  He is practicing swallowing every day and his senses continue to develop even more.  He can now begin to taste, smell, hear, see and touch.  He can also recognize our voices now 🙂  Melt my heart why don’t ya!
Symptoms:  The ever growing belly and some leg cramps at night.  Also, it is getting harder and harder to keep acne off of my face.  Don’t fail me now Philosophy!
Sleep:  Like a baby 🙂 
Maternity Clothes:  Nothing but maternity pants at this point and I am loving them.  And why can’t we wear pants with stretchy elastic bands all the time?  I’m thinking about starting a new trend.  Dresses are still my favorite clothing of choice. 
Food aversions:  Nothing to report
What I miss:  A really good glass of red wine.  Sometimes I will take a huge wif of Ryan’s wine.  Just the smell is enough to please me for now lol  
Movement:  Nothing to report 
Gender: Boy!
Favorite moment of the week:  Did you see my Buckeyes?!  Here we come Final 4!  I love March Madness and love it even more this year with the Bucks doing so well!  My bracket is also in 1st place 🙂  However, Ryan is close to last place… why?  Because he didn’t have faith in the Buckeyes, instead he believed in those teams up North.  Tis Tis.  My other favorite moment of the week was my mom came and spent 2 days with us!  I had so much fun with her and love having her around.  We registered for gifts, did some yard work and she made us one of her fantastic dinners.  I love my momma!   
What I’m looking forward to: Ultrasound on Wednesday!  Can’t wait to see my little man! 
Favorite Ryan quote:  This one makes up for not having one last week…
Ryan: (Sitting on the couch putting on his shoes) “I’ve got a Gloria Estefan song stuck in my head.”
Me:  “Oh really.  What song?”
Ryan:  “Rhythm of the night”  (He then proceeds to sing the chorus in a very high pitched voice.)
Me: (speechless)
~10 minutes later~
Ryan: “Now Gloria Estefan has turned into Lionel Richie, “All night Long”.  (He then proceeds to sing the chorus from All Night Long accompanied with dance moves)  “And really when you think about it, The Rhythm of the night… is All Night Long!”
Me:  “Oh sweet heart, let’s not let that comment go anywhere outside of these walls.”

Have a great week!
Go Buckeyes!

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