My favorite places

With the weather warming up here in Ohio, it’s giving me the itch for a vacation soon.  However, I don’t see that in the cards for us this year.  Ryan is fairly new at his company and I don’t feel it’s right to take a vacation before the baby when I’m planning to take so much time off after he’s here.  So, I thought to get it out of my system I would share some of our favorite places to visit… although I’m sure it will make the itch feel more like I have chicken pox again.


Ryan and I went to Disney for our honeymoon.  It was amazing.  We stayed at the  Grand Floridian, which I would highly recommend.  It was so beautiful and you can eat dinner with Cinderella!  Which of course I made reservations for 🙂


The entire cast (as they do not call them staff) from the hotel to the parks to our dining experience was phenomenal.  Everyone made us feel so special and we can not wait to go back!  I had to share this picture of Ryan.  We are getting ready to ride the Peter Pan attraction at the Magic Kingdom.  He kept asking me, “Why are we riding this, this is for little kids.”  I explained, “Because it’s one of the best rides and you will love it.”  He wasn’t so thrilled that I made him wait in line for 40 minutes for this “ride”.


If we could, Ryan and I would love to live in Boston.  It is by far our favorite city.  We love all of the history and charm the city oozes.  It’s definitely a big city but you don’t feel overwhelmed by it, hence why it’s nicknamed “the walking city”.  Transportation is so accessible but sometimes the quickest and easiest mode of transportation is your own two feet.  Another great feature is the freedom trail!  Just follow the trail and you can see the most amazing sights Boston has to offer!  It’s a free tour guide!All the quaint neighborhoods tucked into the big city life are just amazing.  Beyond beautiful front stoops, decorated with flowers flowing from window boxes.  Spectacular parks situated in the heart of the hussel and bussel!  We cannot wait to go back! 


This is home for me.  It is my favorite place to be in the entire world.  I think Ryan might even say the same.  It is where you can find these crazy people… my family.  Just writing the post I’m getting all choked up thinking about how much I LOVE being with them.  Sure, sometimes that 2 hour drive between us comes in handy but more times than not I miss them like crazy.  Cincinnati for Ryan and I is always a fun filled weekend.  Just look at all the things there are to do at my parents house!  Ride horses, chase the goats and chickens around, go to my brothers football games, catch a tan lounging in the pool or a round of 18 holes with my dad. 

It’s like a mini vacation every time we go.  However, none of that can happen and we have just has much fun.  It’s the best place on earth.  There is so much love in my family it’s crazy.  People have said to me, “You know, families are not supposed to get along as well as yours does.  Everyone likes each other!”

Cincinnati also has some of my FAVORITE food!  Good thing those haven’t kicked in as cravings… can you imagine that 2am drive!  LaRosa’s is almost always a must every time we go down.  I haven’t been able to get my favorite, due to being pregnant, but the Baked Royal is where it is at.  So bad for you but so worth it.  Luckily, there calzones and pizza are scrumptious too!  Another favorite place is Price Hill Chili.  Get the Big Sam… you won’t be disappointed.  And yes, I can finish the entire thing with fries 🙂

Cincinnati also has some of our best friends and they have a new addition!

Lauren and I went to high school together and have remained friends ever since.  Lauren and Tom were high school sweethearts, so I’ve known Tom just as long.  They recently welcomed little Emmett into their family.  Our little guy and Emmett will be best friends and troublemakers together!  Seriously, how cute is this little guy! 

Other places we would love to go back to are California, Tennessee and North Carolina.  Yep, we love America lol  Neither one of us have ventured out of the Country yet, mainly due to finances but we also love exploring this fabulous Country.  Someday we’d like to travel to Ireland and England.  We almost went there for our honeymoon but decided the give our $$ to the good ole US of A!

Have a great day everyone!

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