Friday Finds!

I’m Pregnant and I know It

A good family friend sent me the link for this video on youtube.  It is hilarious.  It is a parody from the song, “I’m Sexy and I know It.”  Check out the video here.  I have watched this video several times and laugh because the lyrics are sooo true!  Enjoy!


I found this onesie at Buy Buy Baby this week.  It wasn’t even a question as to whether or not I was going to purchase it, as Ryan has the same shirt.  He loves Pink Floyd and about hit the floor when I showed him my purchase.  It’s his favorite thing we have so far for the baby 🙂


Several weeks ago, a co-worker told me about a pregnancy calendar she had when she was pregnant with her daughter.  It had cute stickers in it to remember milestones such as first time hearing heartbeat, first movement, registered for gifts, etc.  I looked online and searched a couple of stores but couldn’t find anything.  However, while at Buy Buy Baby, I spotted this adorable pregnancy calendar!  I love that I will be able to remember the exact date and timeline everything happened.  So special.  If you have a fabulous find, feel free to shoot me an email and you just might find it on the blog!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Let’s go Buckeyes!



2 thoughts on “Friday Finds!

  1. I ca’t wait from Monday to Monday for the next installment of hello belly, goodby feet I just love it and I love you both can’t wait to see you on Easter love, ap

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