21 Weeks


Week: 21
Size: Banana
Baby’s job this week:  From our ultrasound last week, he’s weighing in at a pound already!  Momma’s a little nervous about that.  He is around 8 inches and is constantly swallowing the amniotic fluid to stay hydrated, receive nutrients and to practice for nursing.  So that means he is getting a taste for whatever I am eating that day.  Time to increase veggies and fruits!  Oh and definitely add some Skyline in there.  I can’t have my boy not liking Skyline!  His arms and legs are finally in proportion to his body and his neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles.  The cartilage throughout his body is turning to bone!
Symptoms:  Swelling of the hands and feet.  If I am on my feet for a good portion of the day, my feet look like Fred Flintstone and I have trouble getting my wedding rings off.
Sleep:  Like a baby 🙂
Maternity Clothes:  I am really not loving the jeans I bought awhile back that have the demi band.  Way to uncomfortable and the band is constantly slipping down or flipping over.  I am loving the full panels and dresses right now.
Food Cravings:  Jalapeno Poppers {the one’s stuffed with cream cheese}  That counts as a veggie… right?
Food aversions:  Nothing to report
What I miss:  Blue cheese.  I love the Buffalo Chicken pizza at Dewey’s, it is so good.  However, I won’t get it right now because the best ingredient would have to be omitted.  {sigh} 
Movement:  This baby can kick!  I’m so excited to report that last Monday I felt my very first kick and he hasn’t stopped since then!  I can always feel a few kicks right after I eat and boy did he go crazy after I had a couple jalapeno poppers on Saturday!  Or he may have been mad about the Buckeyes loss.  Either way, it was an awesome feeling!
Gender: Boy!
Favorite moment of the week:  Definitely feeling my little man move and kick.  I love it!  On Monday, right before I got up for the day I felt something different going on down there.  So I placed my hand right below my belly button and with that, BOOM!  I felt him give me a kick!  My reaction, “Ahhhh!”.  Ryan sat straight up and said, “What’s wrong!”  I then explained I felt the baby kick!  Over the next few days, I felt between 1-2 kicks a day and every time my reaction was, “Ah!” or “Woah!”  Needless to say, I caused Ryan’s heart to skip a beat every time because he thought there was something wrong.
What I’m looking forward to: For Ryan to feel the baby’s movement.
Favorite Ryan quote:  He’s been on good behavior… sorry.

Have a great week!

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