Top 10 Must Haves for New Momma’s

A few weeks ago I asked a couple of friends for their top 10 must haves for new momma’s.  Yes, books and websites offer their advice but I wanted advice from real mom’s that are relatively new to the game.  After reading all the lists, these were the most recommended items.  I also included bullet points of key points each mom made for the items.

1. Boppy Pillow

  • Used for nursing assistance, to prop the baby up and help with tummy time. 
  • This was always an item I knew we would register for.  I’ve seen it used and how beneficial it truly is, especially for breastfeeding.

 2.  Night light

  • This is definitely an item that would have never crossed my mind unless someone mentioned it.  I’m really glad they did because I can see how this would be so useful in the middle of the night.
  • Useful to change, feed, and check on the baby without waking baby up with a bright light.

3.  Swaddling Blankets

  • Especially the muslin breathable blankets.  They help keep baby feeling secure and are perfect to take with you on an outing as they are not a big heavy blanket.
  • I registered for several of the muslin blankets as our little guy will be coming in August, and this seems like a great way to keep him covered without him getting too hot in the summer heat.

4.  Sleep gowns

  • Allow for quick and easy pull up/down for changing newborns diapers with one eye open 😉
  • Plus, how freaking adorable are this little gowns.  I can just picture snuggling my little man all curled up in one of these.  I can’t wait!

5.  Swing

  • Great to soothe/calm baby or keep baby entertained so you can eat or make a quick run to the bathroom!
  • Make sure you don’t get one that is too big.  These things are notorious space hogs.

6.  Baby carrier/sling/wrap

  • A way to keep baby close to you while freeing your hands to get things done.
  • Easier on your back than carrying baby around and trying to do everything with one hand.
  • One mom especially liked the Moby Wrap, as it creates a womb like environment.

7.  Sleep Sheep (White noise maker)

  • Helps drown out bothersome noise once baby is asleep. 
  • The travel size is useful to hook on to the car seat, so if baby gets upset while in the car the sound can help soothe them.

8.  Activity Mat

  • Nice to use from week 2 on or whenever you feel your baby is ready. 
  • A lot of the toy’s that come on the activity mat can be taken off and used again when baby is older.  When baby is crawling it’s a nice mat for them to play on or crawl on.

9.  Aquaphor

  • Miracle goop.  It is great to pu on diaper rash, baby rash that they get on their face or body, and on their chin when the drool starts. 
  • It is non-toxic and doesn’t have a fragrance, so if they happen to get it in their mouth, no worries.

10.  Glider

  • A MUST have for every nursery.  Perfect for nursing baby, rocking them back to sleep and so comfortable for mid night feedings.



Thank you so much to all the ladies who shared their lists with me!  I found this information invaluable when registering for gifts.  Next week, I will have a post on where we registered, our experience, and how we survived. 

Have a great day everyone!

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