22 Weeks


Week: 22
Size: Papaya
Baby’s job this week:  He is tasting everything I eat!  I know he enjoyed yesterdays Easter feast!  He can also perceive light and dark now too.  So, if I were to shine a light on my belly, I may feel him try to move away from the bright light!  He can hear my heart beating, blood circulating and the sound of our voices.
Symptoms:  Swollen hands and feet.  Occasional leg cramps
Sleep:  Like a baby 🙂
Maternity Clothes:  Now that the belly is in full swing, I am having a lot of fun with clothes.  My favorite places to buy maternity clothes are Target and Motherhood Maternity.  Occasionally, MM will have really good sales and that is when I stock up on items I have been eying.  Always looking for the deals!
Food Cravings:  Root beer Floats
Food aversions:  Nothing to report
What I miss: Wine and LaRosa’s Baked Royals
Movement:  I’ve nicknamed our little guy “Boom” because of his kicks.  This little guy gets really excited sometimes!  I love it!
Gender: Boy!
Favorite moment of the week:  Easter Sunday.  My family has some of the best cooks in town.  Seriously, I stuffed myself silly with our Easter brunch.  My plate consisted of biscuits and gravy, egg casserole, hash browns, cheesy potatoes, and fruit… I’m sure I’m leaving out a couple other items!  Everything is homemade and is soooo good.  So good, that I broke my plastic fork not once… but 3 times.  My sister said that was a sign I was eating too fast. lol.  It was such a great day spent with family, enjoying the amazing weather and celebrating Easter.
What I’m looking forward to: For Ryan to feel the baby’s movement.
Favorite Ryan quote:  This week, I’ve got a picture to go along with the story!  I love Ryan and his carefree personality.  He makes me laugh daily.  A couple of the little kids received kites in their Easter baskets and brought them over to my parents house to give them a try.  Well, Ryan and my brother decided to get in on some of the action.  Please notice the children in the background watching the grown man run around the yard with a kite while holding his beer.  Hahaha! (I am laughing so hard right now and have to keep pausing as I write this story.)  At one point, one of the kids got their kite in the air and Ryan ran past him with his kite yelling, “Yeah, look at mine go!”  When the kids had had enough, Joe and Ryan were still outside running around with the kites.  Never a dull moment. 

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. YOU look so gorgeous!!! I am so happy for you and Ryan!! I love reading your little updates 🙂 Hopefully we can get together sometime and catch up. I miss the “Leah Squared” days 😦 Have a great week!! 🙂

  2. My hands and feet are still swollen from all of the rich foods. You don’t have to be pregnant to experience that. Dad and I had a blast with you and Ryan, the weekend goes too fast. Looking forward to seeing you next at your shower on May 6th. Guess who’s going shopping tonight?

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