What’s this? Do we need that?

Early on, Ryan and I decided on the major items we would need for the baby.  We spent a lot of time comparing products and deciding what would work best for us.  I’m sooo glad we did that.  Registering can be completely overwhelming.  With there being several different options for just about every item, it’s hard to decide which one will work the best for you.  Since Ryan and I had picked out the important items already, when my mom came to visit we went and did the initial registery together.  My mom couldn’t believe the selection and available products that parents have available to them now.  At one point she said, “We just put your pumpkin seat on top of the dryer and turned it on.  That was our bouncer.”  ha!  It was so nice to have her there for advice on products to ask, “will I really need this?”  She was always honest with her opinion and I’m so grateful she was with me.

For us these were the items we spent the most time researching:

  • Chicco Key Fit 30
    Safety was our #1 concern and while all car seats are required to meet certain standards, Chicco also offers side impact protection that comparable brands do not.  The Key Fit also scored very high in ease of use with consumers.  As addition, this car seat is compatible with the Baby Jogger stroller. 
  • Baby Jogger City Mini
    At first, we wanted to register for the City Select, which would allow us to add an additional seat for baby #2 without purchasing another stroller.  I did a lot of research and the resale value for this brand is very high.  So our plan is to sell the City Mini when baby #2 comes into the picture and purchase the City Select.  We love this stroller for so many reasons: extremely lightweight, quick-fold strap, maneuverability and durability.
  • Baby Mod Crib
    While we didn’t register for our crib, this was a major decision for us as I’m sure it is for every couple.  Again, #1 concern was safety.  BabyMod scored high in safety and does not feature a drop down side bar.  We also wanted a more modern look and fell in love with this crib the minute we saw it. 

We first went to Babies R Us.  I was not impressed with the registration process or the lack of items they currently had in stock.  While everyone was nice, no one went the extra mile to make the process any easier.  I couldn’t believe the lack of options they had for some items and the over abundance they had for others.  I don’t think parents need 42 different options for spoons and only 3 options for humidifier’s.  While you can go online and see their entire collection, a lot of the options are not available for in store purchase.  However, I really like that Babies R Us has their own brand which a lot of times is much less than competing brands.  I mean, I don’t need a name brand burping cloth. 

We then went to Buy Buy Baby to register for some additional items mainly because we didn’t like the selection of those items at Babies R Us.  Such as the bath supplies, bedding, and other small items.  Honestly, we didn’t NEED to do this but we just liked the selection better than Babies R Us.  Registering with Buy Buy Baby was awesome.  The staff was so attentive and they really know their stuff.  When it came down to questions about mattresses, strollers, and car seats they really know about each product,  the pro’s and con’s. 

So after our experience, these are my tips for registering:

  • Decide on the ‘big ticket items’ ahead of time.  Visit the stores and look at their selection of car seats, strollers and monitors.  This way you can go home and do a bit more research, decide and not have to worry about this the day you register.  These items take a lot of time to decide which one is best for you and registering can already be a long, exhausting process. 
  • Don’t register for everything in 1 day!  Maybe the first day you pick out select items such as bath, bedding, feeding and safety supplies.  The next  you finish the registry picking out activity items, blankets and all other small items.  It will be far less stressful.
  • Talk with family and friends about their must haves for a new baby before registering.  This was so incredibly helpful while registering.  There were some items I may have just passed by thinking, “we probably won’t use that.”  It’s nice to know what items have been invaluable to other moms.
  • Go home and look at what other options may be available online.  There may be another color or an option for a swing that they don’t have in the store.  Sometimes shipping is free if it is shipped to the store for pickup.

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