A girl and her high heels

Through out this pregnancy I’ve hit some highs and lows… several of which have circled around body image.  That is one issue I did not see arising as I’ve never struggled with it ever before.  I didn’t know exactly how to handle it because your options are so limited when your pregnant!  Sure you can exercise but not at the intensity I was used to and the goal is NOT to lose weight!  To put my emotions into one word: frumpy.  I felt like a frumpy, boring, unfeminine woman.  Early on I felt like my face looked super swollen and my pants were just not buttoning anymore.  My belly wasn’t big enough yet for the full panel and I didn’t feel like spending tons of money on new clothes so early on in my pregnancy.

In addition, everyone that knows your pregnant is watching your belly, just waiting for it to pop.  I think that didn’t help my body image issues knowing that everyone was staring at my body seeing if any changes had been made.  I’m also not sure why everyone is so obsessed with touching pregnant belly’s?  Let me be specific, if it’s a family member I totally get it.  When my sisters are pregnant, that’s my niece or nephew in there!  Of course I’ll want to be apart of their journey.  I just don’t get the casual friends or acquaintances that I guess feel they are entitled to rub my belly without hesitation.  So weird to me.

So to turn my attitude around I turned to these: I would put these on and feel sexy again.  I quickly realized that although the rest of my body was changing, it hadn’t gotten to my feet yet!  Any day I felt frumpy I would grab a pair of my favorite heels and make my outfit match them.  For me my high heels made me feel confident, feminine, powerful and sexy.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but the belly really does help!  Those early weeks when your body is changing but you’re the only the one that knows it’s because your pregnant are hard.  Now that the belly is in full force I love dressing to show off the bump.  I feel so sexy again and this time I don’t need my high heels to feel this way.

3 thoughts on “A girl and her high heels

  1. Leah, you should never not feel unfeminine because this aunt thinks that you are the epitome of pure femininity you always were and always will be love you ap

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