Nursery Update

We have a crib!  A couple of weeks ago I hit a nesting surge and just couldn’t wait any longer to order the crib.  As I previously mentioned, we purchased the Baby Mod Parker Lane crib and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It fits our style of the room perfect and seems to be very well made.  Well, once we had the crib assembled and looking so perfect in the room, I just had to order the mattress!  We went with the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer mattress.  I am really happy with our choice, as it is very firm on the infant side and a little softer on the toddler side.  I would recommend both of these purchases to anyone!

We kind of hit a dilemma with which dresser to purchase.  Originally we were going to go with Ikea’s Malm dresser in white.  At 63″ wide, it is large enough to allow for a changing pad and storage on top of the dresser.  However, the wall in which we were planning for it to go on won’t accommodate it.  There is a vent on the wall that the dresser would cover.  So now we are trying to find a dresser that is somewhere between 40-45″ wide.  Fingers crossed, as it’s proving to be harder than we thought…. aka we are that picky.

The glider is proving to be another challenge.  Seriously, I keep reminding myself that we are decorating a nursery.  Not our living room or family room… it’s a nursery.  Ryan and I both need to calm down about the design of the room and just purchase items that are functional and look nice, instead of getting all hung up on the style.  Which glider do we want?  Oh, definitely this one.  It’s the Luca Glider from the Land of Nod.  The chair and ottoman are over $1,200, so this isn’t an option.  So, we are having to look elsewhere.  Isn’t it so pretty, though?  I need to win the lottery.  It seems all of the upholstered gliders are in the $500+ range, which is more than what we want to spend.  However, all of the other options aren’t doing it for us… see what I mean… we need to get over it!

Those are the updates for now.  We (Ryan) are almost finished with our bathroom renovation and have promised each other that we won’t start on the nursery until the bathroom is done.  So, there is much more to come with the nursery’s progress.  I can’t wait to break out the paint!

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Nursery Update

  1. I also wanted an upholstered glider (rocker, actually) and found the same problem you have 😦 We have a tan LaZ Boy recliner and it isn’t the most fashionable (but, not too bad), but nursing and cuddling in it is the best! I never liked the look of the wood gliders, but most ppl will tell you they ARE amazing.

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