Friday Finds!

Skinny Taste

BEST. FOOD. WEBSITE. EVER.  Seriously, every recipe I have made from this website has been delicious.  Gina, mastermind behind the recipes, put’s all those fun nutritional facts right in front of you and everything on her website is a smart, healthy choice to have for a meal.  She even put’s how many weight watcher points the meal has.  On Wednesday, I decided to give the Barbacoa recipe a try.  Kicked, Chipotle’s you know what.  Oh my, this recipe was so easy to make and exploding with flavor.  On Wednesday, we paired the beef with brown rice, corn, green peppers, onions and a little bit of cheese.  Basically, trying to replicate Chipotle.  It was soo good.  Thursday, we made taco’s with all the fixings.  This beef would be so good on top of nacho’s, in a quesadilla or on its own with a side of veggies.

Jimmy Fallon and Barack Obama

So, I saw this video the other day and couldn’t stop laughing.  I think it is H. I larious (said like Jack from Will and Grace).  Everyone that knows me knows, I’m not the Presidents biggest fan, never have been.  However, I appreciate a good comedic skit and I think this one is too funny. 

That’s it for this Friday’s Finds!  Busy weekend up ahead, I will be working with a local church to spread awareness of the benefits of Organ and Tissue donation.  April is Donate Life Month!  Please consider becoming an organ and tissue donor, live on!

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