Two Year Anniversary

Ryan and I met our Freshman year of college, almost 9 years ago.  As Ryan says, I didn’t come out of hiding for about 2 weeks after arriving at OSU.  I was focused on school and my new surroundings and didn’t make time for the late night festivities with new friends.  He and a couple other guys were over at our dorm one night, I walked out into the kitchen and he said to a friend, “Who is that?”  His friend said, “That’s Leah and don’t even think about it dude, she’s not interested.”  Clearly, that didn’t stop Ryan.  The next day he asked me if I wanted to play flag football with a couple of friends and I agreed.  Having warmed up to my surroundings, I also started participating in the late night festivities with friends… some of the best memories ever.  I was always drawn to Ryan at parties.  I always wanted to be close to him and talk to him.  It only took 3 months and we were a couple.  I finally married my best friend on May 15, 2010.

Although we were married on May 15, the fun started days before the actual wedding.  We had the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night, which I would recommend to anyone.  This freed up Friday for nothing but relaxation and fun.  The girls went to the spa to have our nails done and the guys enjoyed a day of golfing together.  We then all met up and enjoyed a Red’s game together that night.  It was so much fun.  The girls stayed at my parents house and the guys stayed at a friend’s house.  I loved waking up with all my besties already there.  The limo arrived around 8am and we were off to the salon! 

Once back from the salon it was time for makeup and to grab a bite to eat.  My poor father walked around the house that day just trying to find things to do to keep his mind busy.  My mom remembers him taking a less than half full bag of trash out to the garbage cans! lol  Finally, it was time to get dressed and head to the church!

My stomach was in knots the entire morning.  I mean to the point that I couldn’t eat anything but of course forced myself to.  I wasn’t going to be one of those fainting brides.  I couldn’t calm my nerves and I knew the only thing that could calm them was Ryan.  Ryan said he was calm the entire morning.  No butterflies or knots, just excited to see me.  However, he said once he stepped into the church and I was seconds from coming down the aisle, all the knots came!  It’s so funny because for me once the church doors opened all the jitters went away, for Ryan they started once the doors opened!

It was the best day of our lives.  I’ve never had so much fun and been so happy in my entire life.

We are so excited to welcome our little man into our lives this August.  I know that the love Ryan and I share for each other will explode even more once we meet our miracle.  Our marriage is the foundation of everything we want to build with our family.  We know that the best thing we can give our children is a solid foundation and that starts with the two of us.  My parents set a wonderful example for us as they have always taken time out for themselves as a couple.  Saturday nights were date nights.  When we were little, it could literally be driving to the top of the street and just talking in the car for 2 hours.  They always made time for their relationship which is something I think a lot of couples forget about.  We have our wedding vows and a picture from our wedding framed and hanging in our home.  It will always hang in our home and serves as a constant reminder of the promises we made before God and to each other.  No matter where life takes us or what obstacles are thrown in our way, we’ve promised one another to always get back to the love and respect we had for each other on our wedding day.  Ryan is my best friend, I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone but him.

I’m not sure what our plans are for tonight… as Ryan won’t share any of the details!

Have a great day!

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