Thoughts on second trimester…

Oh the golden trimester… Sleep filled nights, no longer thinking about food 24/7, enough energy to get through the day… you sure did live up to your name.  The 2nd Tri for me was glorious.

Emotionally:  As I rounded 17-18 weeks, I really started to feel like myself again.  My energy had really returned and I felt like my emotions had reached a safe place again 🙂  We found out we were expecting a little BOY at week 15 and that did have its own set of emotions, which thankfully were quickly worked through.  When I think back to how disappointed I was that we weren’t having a girl, I laugh.  Now going through the process of preparing for a boy, I am so excited this is what God has in store for us.  I also realized that if it was a girl… I would have totally taken over all elements of preparing for her.  I have been planning in my head for years about having a little girl.  Poor Ryan would have been left in the dark and that’s not fair.  We’ve been able to go through this journey together, although there have definitely been some disagreements, of preparing for our little guy.  Once a day, I find myself just sitting in the nursery.  Sometimes for just 5 minutes, other times for a nap in the comfy recliner.  I can’t wait for him to get here!

Fatigue:  What is that?  Energy was my best friend during these weeks!  Ryan would have to remind me sometimes that I am pregnant and there are still things I can’t do even if I do feel up to them.  It was wonderful to come home from work and not have to sleep on the couch for 1-2 hours, but rather get housework done, run errands or go for a walk.

Sleep:  Ever so soundly.  There were a couple bad nights but it was mainly due to stress and not being able to shut my brain off.  I could still sleep on my back and partially on my stomach, so there were several comfy positions to choose from!

Appetite:  Changed from cheeseburgers to anything sweet.  There was one week I had a slice of Apple Pie (with ice cream of course) every night.  I would literally count down the hours until I had it.  So delicious.  Root Beer floats were another favorite.  I also realized that the bacon ban could be lifted.  I had a sandwich that unbeknownst to me had crispy bacon on it.  It was delicious!

Exercise:  I would walk anywhere from 4-5 days a week since the weather was so nice.  However, about week 20 the leg cramps started and I would get really bad cramps at the end of my walks.  I tried stretching before and after walking but it wasn’t helping.  I decided to stop the walk for a while… I gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks.  My jaw dropped at the doctor’s office that day.  I had been doing so well with weight gain and was really proud of myself.  I really started to show around weeks 19-20 and felt that the baby may have gone through a growth spurt which would account for the spike in weight gain.  However, I just went back to the doctor last week and gained another 7lbs in 4 weeks!  So at this point I’m up 24lbs.  I talked with my midwife and she recommends to continue the walk, drink more water and have a banana.  We’ll see how it goes.  She gave me a goal of a 1lb gain for the next appointment which is in 2 weeks.  It’s so incredibly frustrating because I do make good food choices.  I know what you’re thinking, the paragraph above says otherwise with the apple pie situation.  However, I don’t eat fast food, I eat tons of veggies and fruit and try to have a salad with every meal.  We have a carton of ice cream in the freezer that has been there for almost a month!  That is will power for a girl who is craving sweets!  I’m not going to do anything drastic like start counting calories or only eating veggies.  However, I am cutting way down on the carbs and sweets.  No more apple pies for this girl… well, maybe just a slice.  🙂


Feeling our little man move for the first time was incredible.  We were on our way to church, I was eating an apple and I felt ‘bubbles’.  Not gas, not hunger pains, these were much different.  It was our baby fluttering around and was the first sign that I knew he was okay in there.  Those bubbles soon turned to rolls, kicks and little pokes.  It’s an incredible feeling to know that there is life inside of me and to be able to actually feel his movements makes it all more real.

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