Stocking up for baby

So anyone that knows me knows I LOVE a good deal.  I am in love with couponing and have saved so much money over the past year now that I know how to play the game.  So it’s no surprise to some that I’ve already started a stock pile for baby necessities.  It is estimated that within the first 3 years, parents will spend between $2000-$3000 on diapers, so this momma decided to start early and pay less.

My favorite couponing site is The Krazy Coupon Lady.  I really like their facebook page too for easy scrolling through their most recent bargain finds.  I receive the Sunday paper each week and immediately look through all of the ad’s.  So far my best baby buys have been at CVS and Target.  Both of these stores constantly have store coupons for diapers that you can pair with a manufacturers coupon for additional savings.  Love it!  CVS also offers “extra bucks” each week on select products which I take advantage of, if the savings are worth it, and load up on those free store dollars.  There is no limit to the amount of “extra bucks” coupons you can use per purchase. 

So far I have 7 boxes and 1 bag of Pampers and 6 bags of Huggies.  I also started stock piling on laundry detergent for the baby, I have 6 jugs of Tide Free and Gentle so far.  Now, I NEVER go out and buy an item just because I have a coupon.  I sit back and wait patiently for the perfect sale, where I typically pay 50% less than the everyday price.  This is done by not having to run out and buy an item at full price because we ran out of it.  I stock pile pretty much everything we use whether it’s groceries, laundry items, cleaning supplies or toiletries.

Now it may not look like a lot of items but remember these are all extras and we are just a family of 2…well for 8 more weeks 🙂

This is where all the magic happens:  My coupon binder.  There are different categories for items and I have baseball card storage sleeves which hold all of my coupons.  It is seriously the easiest thing to use.  Cut and organize coupons, look through the ad’s, go to the store, turn to the category and bam…You know what you can save on.

Typically when I leave the stores after a couponing craze… I feel like turning around, shaking my fist and saying “take that!  Sticking it to the man.” lol I get kinda excited.

My next conquest is wipes.  I haven’t started purchasing those yet but have been keeping my an eye out for good deals!

Have a great day everyone!

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