Ahoy! It’s a boy!

A couple of weeks ago, my wonderful friend Lauren threw me the most adorable baby shower.  I had the privilege of hosting her baby shower exactly one year before she hosted mine!  Lauren and I met in high school and have remained the best of friends since.  She is such an amazing friend and person but her true colors came out when she became a mother last year.  She is such a natural and has made so many sacrifices for the benefit of her baby.  She is definitely an inspiration to me with the amount of strength and courage she has shown within the past 10 months.  Emmett is one lucky little boy!  Oh, and her son Emmett is the CUTEST little guy ever.  Seriously, there is so much personality packed into this tiny person it’s crazy! 

Before going any further, all of the images posted today were taken by my best friend and the most talented photographer, Jenna Davis.  Talk about God given talent… yep, she tapped into it!  She is the owner of Jenna Davis Photography and I am always amazed by her work.  She captures memories in a way that few are able to do. 

The food was so good, perfect for a hot summer day and the details were adorable.  Everything was just perfect.  This shower included my family and friends.  Yes, 95% of the folks in this picture are family 🙂  It always seems to shock people how big my side of the family is.  The more the merrier, right? 

After our delicious lunch, we played the “Guess how big the belly is” game.  So funny to see how BIG some really think my belly is!  I appreciate those whose strings were too short 🙂  Lauren also gave my mom a gift and inside was Mr. Bumps, a brag book and a Dr. Seuss ABC book.  What a great idea!  Then it was time for gifts!  McKenna was my helper and couldn’t have been more adorable.  Each gift she would say with the biggest smile, “Oooh, what do you think it is?  I bet it’s something great!”  So stinkin cute.  My sister Lindsey made a beautiful blanket for our little man.  It’s so special to me that I don’t know if I will actually be able to let him use it!  I don’t want him to ruin it!  After opening gifts, Lauren gave me this ornament and inside are wishes written down on tiny pieces of paper from all the guests at the shower.  Such a cool idea!  After the shower we stepped outside for pictures.

See how loved you are already little man?!  Everyone is so excited to meet you!  Thanks again to my wonderful friends and family for making this day so special.  I love you all and can’t thank you enough!

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