The night the lights went out in Columbus

This is definitely an event that deserves being remembered during this pregnancy.  July=heat.  Now add in storms+no power+no ac= PANIC!  On Friday, June 29th, I was having a great day.  I met up with a fellow co-worker at 4:15, who is due 1 day after me, to have a pedicure together.  It was fabulous: feet soaking, sipping on tea, just chatting it up about our nurseries, baby clothes and all the preparations we are doing for our little one’s.  I checked my phone randomly and noticed I had 2 missed phone calls from Ryan.  As I was getting ready to call him back, he called me again.  “Leah, are you okay?  Where are you?”  Confused, I responded, “Honey, I’m sipping on hot tea with my feet soaking in a hot water…I’m doing just fine.  What’s wrong?”  That’s when he filled me in that the rest of the city was dealing with hurricane like winds and rain.   There were tornado sirens going off and he couldn’t leave work due to the weather.  Well, April and I had no idea lol  I literally walked into the salon with the sky blue and came back out to tree limbs in the street, signs down, and the sky black at 5:30.  Good ole Ohio weather.  Don’t like the weather?  Just wait 5 minutes.

It took me over an hour to travel 5 miles up the road because all of the street lights were out.  I couldn’t believe the amount of damage that happened in the hour my toes were getting pretty.  100 year old tree’s were split in half, wires were down and laying in the street or in yards.  It took Ryan 2.5 hours to get home from work.  When we arrived at our house it was no surprise we didn’t have power.  Luckily, the storm had really cooled down the temperature and having the windows open was the only a really good option that night.  We then decided to not open the fridge and just head out and find something to eat…

Well, since we don’t eat fast food unless we are seriously beyond desperate, our options were really limited due to several restaurants not having power.  Chipotle sounded delicious but of course they didn’t have power.  So we just kept driving… about 20 minutes into our venture we hear, POP! and then a hissing noise.  That’s right, Ryan ran over something that popped his rear tire.  We pulled off into a parking lot and just started laughing.  What else can you do?!  Luckily, my handy husband knows how to fix just about everything.  With a full tire spare in the trunk and all the tools necessary to change a tire, he got to work.The problem wasn’t my husband’s ability to change the tire but rather the tools he had to work with.  The jack to lift the car kept slipping and couldn’t support the weight of the car once it got to a certain height.  So after 30 minutes of trying to work with this stupid jack, Ryan was getting really frustrated.  Then a massive, Ford Super Duty, V8 Turbo Diesel truck with Texas plates pulls into the parking lot.  Seriously, it was something out of a movie.  Out steps 4 guys with ball caps on, Levi jeans, big belt buckles, boots and cut off t’s.  They came over and said, “Hey man, can we lend you a hand?  Hello, Miss.”  Ryan responded, “Thanks guys but I’ve got it.”  The Texans responded, “Really? cause I’m pretty sure your car just fell off the jack and we’ve got a hydraulic air jack.”  Ryan then said, “Yeah, let’s try that.” lol  With that the Texans took over.  They literally lifted the car to put the air jack under the frame and within 5 minutes we had a new tire on.  Crazy!  Of course it took some Texans to stop and help us… not one of the hundreds of Ohio drivers that went by before them.

So we were back on the food trail.  By this time it’s close to 9pm and this pregnant, hot lady hasn’t eaten dinner yet.  Not a good thing.  We had to drive 30 minutes north of our house to find a restaurant with power.  Turns out at 9:30 they were all on 45 minute waits.  I cried for about 30 seconds and then decided this is all that we had.  Turns out we only had to wait for about 15 minutes and were seated at Ruby Tuesdays.  I immediately ordered the salad bar and Ryan ordered the tallest draft beer they offered.  We had a late night, date night 🙂  Can’t tell you the last time we did that.

We came home and still there wasn’t power, which was expected.  We had already planned to be in Cincinnati this weekend for family festivities so Saturday morning we took off and headed south where there was a pool, family, and most importantly power!  On Sunday morning, I received a text from Sarah stating their power was back on!  They only live 2 miles from us so I was hopeful by the time we got home we would be up and running as well.  Yeah, no such luck.  We stopped and picked up a generator to run our window ac unit in our bedroom that night.  We both didn’t realize how expensive a gas generator is to run!  Or how frequently you have to fill them up!  So at 2am when it shut off, my husband was out there filling it up and restarting it.  Monday, I stayed home from work due to the extreme swelling I had and went to the doctors.  (Everything is fine).  To quote Mrs. Doubtfire, “I was melting like a snow cone in Phoenix” by the end of the day!  Called my sister Jenna and said, how do you feel about 2 room mates?  She of course took us in and we brought over dinner.  In fact, we brought over enough food for the week because AEP estimated our power would be out until Sunday, July 8th.

We had so many plans for this week.  I had taken off Thursday and Friday to finish things up in the nursery and carpet was to be installed that Friday upstairs.  We were right on schedule for finishing the bedroom/bathroom by that Wednesday.  So this power outage of course changed all of that.  We couldn’t do anything except stare at the unfinished mess and just watch the days go by and my belly get bigger.  Talk about anxiety.  However, we quickly realized something.  We didn’t have a choice but to not do anything except spend time together.  How fantastic!  Last week ended up being a bit of a babymoon for us, college style.  My sister lives on OSU’s campus and she ended up leaving Tuesday to go back home for a couple of days.  So we had the apartment to ourselves.  Jokingly I texted her one night and asked, “Hey, where do you keep the red solo cups and ping-pong balls?”  It was our one last college hoorah before becoming parents!  The week turned out to be really relaxing at times and high anxiety at others but we made the best out of it.  It was nice to make dinner together, watch tv, talk about baby stuff and just sit with each other.

On Friday, July 6th, the lights came back on, which was glorious.  It was a long week but I am so thankful all that happened to us is that we were inconvenienced.  Our house suffered zero damage, we had a cool place to stay, and we were able to relax for a couple of days.  Thank you so much to all the AEP workers who braved the 100+ degree temperatures this week and put in much overtime to get our State back up and running.  This pregnant lady is very thankful (so is her husband).

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