37 Weeks


Week: 37
Size: Winter Melon!
Baby’s job this week:  He is between 18-19 inches long and weighs around 6-8 lbs in weight!  He is now full-term!
Symptoms:  Swelling, swelling, swelling.  I can now see it in my face… especially in the morning.  Hello, nesting.  Goodness.  I can’t stand for there to even be one load of laundry that needs cleaned.  I even re-washed the baby’s sheets and blankets, just to make sure they are clean.  lol  Ryan and I also cleaned and re-organized our storage room… Goodwill received a lot of great items!
Sleep:  It’s hit or miss.  Some nights I get a good 6-8 hours but other nights it’s only 3-4 hours.  Sometimes I can’t sleep due to my back feeling as though it’s going to break other times I can’t turn my brain off.
Maternity Clothes:  Anything that fits! 
Food Cravings:  Chipotle and peanut M&M’s! 
Food aversions:  Nothing to report!
What I miss: Wine, Dewey’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and blue cheese
Movement:  All the time 🙂
Gender: Boy!
Favorite moment of the week:  Last week was Ryan’s birthday week (yes, we have birthday weeks).  I surprised him with the I Phone on Tuesday, we had a great dinner on Friday with friends and family at Milestone 229, Saturday morning he received a fabulous massage at Charles Penzone, and Sunday he went golfing with his dad.  So Ryan had a wonderful week being pampered and just enjoying himself.  Now,  a major highlight for me that week was my mother in law volunteering her services to help out with whatever we needed.  She came over last week and overhauled our kitchen by taking everything out, cleaning and putting everything back.  She also helped by taking the smaller, lighter items back upstairs where they belong after the carpet was installed.  It was a MAJOR help.  The crazy thing… she asked for us to call her when we are ready for her to come back and do more!!  We are very grateful for her generosity as it has been a major weight lifted to know we have some help getting the house ready for our little man.
What I’m looking forward to: Pedicure this Friday!  
Favorite Ryan quote:   “I can’t wait for the baby to get here so we can just relax.”…..  I went out the next day and bought a book on what to expect the first month with a new baby.  I’m pretty sure relaxing isn’t in the equation for quite some time.

Have a great week!

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