“That’s right. Still no baby.”

Well, baby Slicer seems to be snug as a bug right now.  Here is an update from today’s appointment:

I had my first check today and my midwife said, “You’re just about 2 centimeters but really it’s more like 1 and a wiggle.” haha!  However, when she pushed on my cervix, she said she felt the babies head float upward meaning he’s not very engaged.  She also said there is a lot of fluid between the babies head and my cervix which could be why I’m not very dialated. 

She ordered a growth ultrasound for tomorrow because for the past 3 appointments my fundal height measurements have been ahead of where they should be.  Now there isn’t any scientific significance to these measurements but they can be a good “heads up” to follow up with a growth ultrasound, etc.  Sooooo depending on what the growth ultrasound shows, I may be induced this week.  If baby looks like he’s an ok size but just snug as a bug then we will wait until 42 weeks to induce. 

This weeks appointment was a very big eye opener for me.  The office that I go to will allow me to go up to 42 weeks if everything looks okay.  Before today, I thought no way.  Absolutely not.  I talked with my midwife about what an induction would look like for us and it’s something I want to avoid at all costs.  It really gave me the energy I needed to keep moving forward and to not get stuck on “I’m still pregnant!!”  More than anything right now I want to meet our son.  I want to hold him, smooch him, and share him with the world.  I want to know everything about him but for me that’s not a reason to induce.  If he’s okay in there and I’m okay, then we need to just wait.  I can’t believe his birthday may be 8/24 but that is now a reality.  I feel really good today and will have more answers tomorrow.

I trust in the midwives 150%.  If they tell me tomorrow that I need to be induced this Friday, then we will do it.  If they tell me everything looks good, then we will wait until 42 weeks.  I am really turning to them as my medical providers at this point to help guide us on what is the safest route for both of us.  When we talked about the process of an induction they still included my desire for a pain-med free birth and assured me that it is something I could still acheive.  I am so glad to be in their care.

On a totally different note… I got a new car!  We decided on the Kia Sorento and I love it!  We thought about a couple different options but the Sorento offered the space we were looking for at just the right price. 

Have a great day everyone!  I will update tomorrow after my appointment.  Fingers crossed everything looks good!

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