Birth Story Part 1

Introducing Samuel Ryan.  He finally arrived on Tuesday, August 21 at 7:15am.  We are so in love with him and enjoying every second.  It was quite the journey getting him here.  To start, we need to go back to Tuesday, August 14th…

I had a growth ultrasound on August 14th to determine the baby’s size as I had been measuring ahead the past 3 weeks.  The doctor that did the ultrasound explained that the ultrasounds can be off up to 20% so really we are just determining wether or not we are having a small, average or large baby.  She mentioned very casually that they don’t become concerned unless the baby is measuring 10lbs or more.  Welp, Sam measured at 10lbs 4oz.  The doctor was so surprised and decided to measure an additional two times.  The same measurements came back.  She then said she recommends inducing that Thursday, August 16th, as she wanted to give me the opportunity to attempt a vaginal delivery.  I immediately started crying.  I could see my hopes for a natural, pain med free labor and delivery slipping away and a c section becoming more of a reality.  So we scheduled the induction for that Thursday evening.

For the induction, they wanted to start off with a foley bulb catheter to help my cervix dilate and additionally use pitocin.  I cried for pretty much the rest of the evening that Tuesday.  I just couldn’t believe this was happening.  I was only dilated 1.5 centimeters, 50% effaced and the worst part, I was at a -3 station.  Sam was really high up there and not engaged at all in my pelvis.  Induction + large baby + a body that was not ready for labor was the perfect concoction to sentence me to a c section.  It was so much information to process and wrap my head around.  Then, the next morning I lost my mucus plug…

I called my doctor’s office and asked to be seen by the doctor to have my membranes stripped and to discuss delaying induction because it seemed I may have been making progress on my own.  I was really crampy for the rest of the day and went on about 5 walks between Wednesday and Thursday.  I also made use of my exercise ball hoping to help the baby drop.  On Thursday, I was hoping and praying there was some change.  Alas, nothing had changed.  The doctor went ahead and stripped my membranes and we decided to postpone the induction until Sunday, August 19th, to give my body a few more days to either progress more or to go into active labor on my own.  I was so optimistic and prayed that God would let this baby come on his own.  However, that wasn’t going to happen.  Sunday night we checked into the hospital and got the ball rolling…

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