2 Months Old!

Happy 2 months Sammy boy! 

You are all about the smiles and cooing right now.  Talk about melting your mother’s heart!  I love having conversations with you right after you get done eating.  You are so happy and have so much to say!  You will also let out random squeals which always make your mom and dad laugh.  You’ve recently started using your hands as a chew toy.  Lots of drool!  You’re so much fun! 

You can really focus on faces now and really any object for that matter.  You definitely recognize your mommy and daddy and our voices.  You save the biggest smiles for us 🙂

You are starting to put yourself on a sleep/wake schedule.  Although your longest stretch of sleep at night is still 4 hours, mommy’s hopeful that a 6 hour stretch is in the near future.  You start getting sleepy eyes around 7:30pm and as long as we don’t wait until you’re too tired to put you to bed, you are able to fall asleep by yourself to the sound of your Baby Einstein mobile.  You wake up 2-3 times during the night and then you are up for the day around 6am.  Daddy takes care of you until he has to leave for work and then you take your morning nap betwen 9-10am.  You go down for your afternoon nap around 1pm.  You are such a good baby when it comes to nap and bedtime.  No rocking or coaxing needed to get you to sleep (90% of the time).  We just swaddle you, give you a smooch and lay you down.  You will typically fall asleep within 5 minutes.  Such a good boy 🙂

These are some of our favorite memories with you this month:

  • Watching your uncle Joe play football.  Lot’s of fun cheering on those bombers!
  • Taking you to the pumpkin patch.  Mommy had everyone wear flannel shirts.
  • Walks in the park
  • Baby Yoga! 

We survived your 2 month checkup.  Whew, I know the vaccines are important but I kept trying to think of a way around them!  I sure don’t like seeing my happy, bubbly boy cry so hard.  You are 17lbs 7.5oz and 26.5 inches long!  Goodness gracious!  You’re not so much on the charts… way off the charts.  There is just so much to love about you and all of your chubby rolls make you even more loveable.

We love you so much Sam!

One thought on “2 Months Old!

  1. He is sooo cute!! I had to comment because I have a Samuel too! 🙂 He is 13 months but it feels like he was just as little as yours! Enjoy these months – they fly by! (If only the same were true for pregnancy!!)

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