3 Months Old!

You are so precious!  You have changed so much just within the past 4 weeks it’s crazy.  You can now hold your head up by yourself really well.  We’ve even put you in the bumbo a couple of times.  You think it’s so silly.  You also smile constantly and mommy and daddy can get a smile out of you pretty much whenever they want now.  You absolutely love your thumb.  You do the most precious thing by sucking your thumb and twirling your hair with the other hand. 

You have also started giving belly laugh’s this month.  You’d don’t do them very often but when you do we can’t help but laugh with you.  You absolutely LOVE the bath!  You kick and splash in the water the entire time.  We now dedicate the first 20 minutes of your bath to just let you play in the water.

Mom and dad ran in a 5K this month and you and Aunt Jenna watched us cross the finish line!  It was so exciting for us to run in this and was especially meaningful to mommy. 

Mommy returned to work with month as well.  Hardest thing I have ever done.  The first day you stayed at home with daddy and you were such a crabby little boy.  It broke my heart to hear you were having a rough day too.  Mommy cried pretty much the entire first day she returned back to work.  I loved spending my days with you on maternity leave.  I am so greatful for those wonderful 13 weeks of just mommy and Sam.

These are some of our favorite memories with you this month:

  • Your dedication at our church
  • Mommy and daddy running a 5k!
  • Halloween was a hoot!  You were the cutest little surgeon!
  • Celebrating your great grandpa’s 91 birthday!

Sam and his Great Grandpa on his 91 birthday!

We love you so much Sam!

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