Ready, Set, RUN!!!

A couple of weeks after I had Sam I definitely got the itch to start exercising again.  However, due to the C-Section I knew it would be quite some time before I could be 100% back into my normal exercise routine.  After my 6 week check up, I was given the green light to start running but no abdominal exercises until week 10.  So what was the first thing I did???  Ran out and bought all kinds of running gear of course!  I’m kinda known for picking up a hobby, buying all of the gear, totally looking the part but not having all the skill. lol.  So I looked good running… even though after 15 minutes I thought I was going to die!

That first run was so liberating!  If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning then you know I’ve had some body issues during my pregnancy, so it should be no surprise that post baby I wanted to get my body back ASAP.  That first run, there were so many emotions going through my mind.  I was so proud of myself for being proactive and taking the first step to make exercising apart of my routine again…even though I was exhausted.  It was also so nice to have ‘me’ time.  Just me, Rihanna and the park.  It was glorious.

So in order to keep myself focused I signed Ryan and I up for 5k.  He, at the time, didn’t share my enthusiasm for running but reluctantly agreed knew I needed him to run with me.  He is my partner in everything and I really wanted to be a team for this milestone as well.  Now, the race I signed us up for did promise hot chocolate and yummy treats after the race… this may have swayed my decision to run.  Hey, whatever get’s ya running, right?

The race was Sunday, November 18th at…wait for it… 7:30am.  For a momma that hasn’t gotten up for the day before 8 am since the arrival of Sam, getting out of the door by 6:15am was going to prove to be a challenge in itself.  My sister had signed up for the race as well, but unfortunately broke her foot and was no longer able to run.  However, she was able to watch Sam and have him at the race with us.  Sammy boy was a trooper!


Ryan and I started off the race running together.  At the 1st mile marker he asked if it would be okay if he went ahead as my pace was a little slower than his.  Since he hadn’t run a 5k before he also wanted to see if he could run the entire thing without having to walk for a bit.  I knew I would need to walk at some point so I waved him on.  I finished just a couple of minutes behind Ryan.

Sam 248

When I saw the finish line, I got really choked up.  I immediately started pushing myself to finish strong.  The journey I have been on the past year has brought absolute euphoria, unexpected turns, and has taught me more about myself than I ever expected.  I’ve really struggled with my birth experience and exactly how everything went down.  There are details I haven’t divulged yet and I’m hoping I can find the courage to write them down and share them.  I’ve really tried to not think about some of the details surrounding the birth of Sam because they are so upsetting to me but rather just focus on my precious baby Sam.  When I was running, I wasn’t running away from these emotions but rather running full force towards them.  I need to deal with them.  I need closure.  Hopefully, I can accomplish that post in the near future…

PicMonkey Collage

So after the race we got these delicious bowls filled with all kinds of goodies.  Godiva hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, rice krispie treat, marshmallows, banana and pretzels!  It was so stinkin good! 

Ryan LOVED running the 5k!  I now have a running buddy 🙂  We are looking forward to the Spring and are hoping to run a race each season.  It was such a great day.

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