Beehive Art Studio

I’m so excited to post about the newest venture Ryan and I have taken on!  We just recently opened our Etsy store, Beehive Art Studio!  We had so much fun creating all of the artwork for Sam’s nursery that we thought, “Why not do this for everyone?!”  We will be creating and posting new items weekly in the store so check back often to see what we’ve created.  If you’ve got an idea but just need someone to help bring it to life, we’d love to help you out!  Custom orders are our favorite!  etsy ad

One of our featured items are Custom Birth Announcements.  We can create one of a kind artwork unique to your little one’s birth details.  Whether you are looking for a themed announcement such as Western, Flowers, Winnie the Pooh or a color scheme you’d like to match, we can make it happen!

A lot of our items are digital files.  Customers purchase the files and are able to make as many prints as they’d like!  This keeps costs down and is a greener option as it cuts out shipping!

Right now we are offering 20% off everything in the store, so get to shopping!  This week we will be posting Christmas cards and new artwork, so stay tuned!

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