4 Months!

Happy 4 Months Sammy Boy!4 months

Oh the milestones you have reached this month!  You have changed drastically in the past 4 weeks.  You can hold your head up so well and can be carried around like a big boy!  You also have developed the CUTEST laugh.  You laugh whenever your daddy tickles your belly and rubs his scruffy beard on your face.  For some reason you save the best laughs for him even though mommy tries oh so hard to get the best ones out of you.  I’ve heard from other mom’s that daddy’s just have that special touch.  You are SO close to rolling over and have siked us out a couple of times.  We were just sure that you were going to roll over, camera and camcorder in hand, on multiple occasions but no such luck.  You love your jumperoo and think it’s so silly to be in it.  You don’t turn around in it just yet but you do like to bounce around and each week get better at touching and grabbing the items on it.  One major change is how you reach for objects now.  When you are on your play mat you reach for the different hanging items and bat them around or hang on to them.  When I put an object in front of you, you are getting really good at grabbing it with both hands and then pulling it towards you and into your mouth of course.  Such a big boy!jumperoo

This month everything started to settle down and as a family we got into a new groove.  We’ve learned what our new normal is with mommy back at work.  You were so lucky to be watched by so many loving people this month.  Both of your Grandma’s get to spend some quality snuggle time with you and mommy’s friend Karen watched you on Wednesday’s.  You got to play with Paige and spend time with the girls 😉  Paige even made you this adorable snowman for your bedroom door!  Mommy is so grateful for wonderful friends and family.  They make all the difference.photo4

You have developed a love for your cow blanket/stuffed animal.  I still can’t figure out what to call this thing.  Anyways, it is mandatory for all naps and bed time.  You snuggle with it and rub its soft blanket under your nose and on your eyes.  So stinkin precious.cow

Another love of yours is Sesame Street… thanks to your Auntie Jenna.  She had played it for you a couple of times when she was babysitting.  There was one day that it didn’t matter what mommy did, nothing was making you happy.  I was desperate for you to stop fussing, so I gave Sesame Street a try.  The minute you heard Elmo’s voice you were silent and fixed on the computer screen for a good 15 minutes.  You would giggle and smile when you saw the characters.  Hilarious.  Mommy was able to eat some lunch (and grab some sanity back.)  So now, if we aren’t able to get you from fussing, we resort to Sesame Street.  I’ve even tried to play other “baby specific” shows for you but you don’t care for those.  You’ve got a love for sesame street.  Which doesn’t surprise me because when mommy was 3, she didn’t understand why Sesame Street didn’t come on Saturday and Sundays.  I would get so upset that your Grandma Lora started recording the show and playing a tape for me on the weekends to keep me happy 🙂

You had your 4 month checkup and are still not on the charts.  You are way off the charts in both height and weight but that doesn’t surprise us.  We always knew you would be far to special to fit into any category 😉  You are 21lbs 10oz and 28 1/2 inches long!  We both thought you were going to be at least 25lbs but you surprised us.  Doctor said you look perfect and are “oh, such a cutie!”  You were such a big boy with your shots this time.  Barely cried at all which made is so much better for mommy and daddy.  Thank you for that 🙂jenna readingall collage

We love you so much Sammy!

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