Pinterest pin comes to life!

Ryan and I don’t like to use the word small to describe our house… we prefer quaint.  Our house has several options for living space as we have a living room, finished basement and a 4 seasons room.  However, the spaces are small quaint.  We have known for a while that we need additional seating in our front room but couldn’t agree on what we wanted to get.  With the addition of Sam our ideas switched from design to function, function, function!  We are going to need a lot more storage in the coming months for Sam related items.  So when I stumbled across this idea on Pinterest, I immediately knew this was the solution to both of our problems: additional seating and storage.  

It is the Ikea Expedit shelf turned on its side.  With a sticker price of only $59.99, it’s a project that is really nice on your wallet too!bench

The only DIY part of this project is the cushion we made for the bench.  My poor sister agreed to come with me to pick our fabric.  A mistake I’m sure she will never make again.  Talk about the most indecisive person {raises hand}.  I second guess everything.  I’m extremely analytical, so I like to see ALL of the options before I can make a decision.   I can’t just look at a fabric and say, “Oh, I like this.  I’ll go with this one.”  Nope, I need to see every. fabric. in. the. store. first.  That way I know I made the best choice.  Jenna was a trooper but I’m pretty sure she went just to keep Sam company anyway 😉

1.  15×72 MDF board {Cut to size at Lowes}
2.  2 inch High Density furniture foam
3.  Spray Adhesive
4.  Staple gun
5.  1/2 inch staples
6.  Razer blade
7.  Scissors
8.  Iron
9.  3 yards of fabric for bench
10.  Straight edge
11.  Tape measure
12.  and a partridge in a pear tree 😉

These are the fabrics I decided on!PicMonkey Collage

L.O.V.E them!  I plan to make pillows out of the floral print and use the green fabric for the bench.

The first thing we Ryan did was iron interfacing onto the green fabric.  The purpose of the interfacing is to make the fabric more rigid.  This was important because we weren’t sewing the fabric, rather stapling it.  I’ll explain further down…interfacing

{Then our sweet Sam woke up.  So I don’t have pictures for the remaining steps.  I will try to explain them as best I can!}
The next step was to cut the foam to the size of the MDF board.  Once cut, adhere it to the MDF board with the spray adhesive.  Next, we laid the fabric out on the floor and placed the foam/mdf board in the center, foam side down.  We then wrapped the fabric around the board.  We tucked the sides like how you wrap a christmas present.IMG_6950  Finally, we put staples around the border.  And voila!  A fabulous, custom bench!  All together we spent around $175 on the bench.  The foam is more expensive than you would initially think and I have a tendency to pick out the few items a store may carry that have a higher sticker price.  Hence, paying close to $50 for the fabric.  Eh, all in a day.IMG_6952

The cats are also very happy with our finished project.  Perfect perch for watching birdies in the morning.  Hi Henri!


2 thoughts on “Pinterest pin comes to life!

  1. Hi! You inspired me with this post and I bought two expedits to do this myself. The only thing I don’t know about that you mention but isn’t in your list of supplies is interfacing. I’m not very crafty so this will be my first DIY project. How much did you need to use for this? Thanks!

    • Great! Let me know how it turns out! You will need as much interfacing as fabric. So 3 yards. You want the interfacing to cover your entire fabric.

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