Merry Christmas 2012

So I think it goes without saying that this year was SO MUCH FUN!  For everyone.  On Christmas morning my siblings turned into squealing children asking for Sam to open the gifts they so carefully purchased for him.  “Sam goes first!  Sam goes first!”  I then reminded them that I would actually be opening the gifts as Sam just mastered putting his fist in his mouth.  That dose of reality didn’t seem to even phase them.

I love the holidays.  Always have.  They have a great way of putting life back into perspective for me as well.  When I sit down with a hot plate of delicious food and sit across from wonderful family members, it reminds me that we are truly blessed.  Food on the table and family to share it with.  Here are some pictures of our Christmas.

We first celebrated with Grandma Joyce and Aunt Sydney.  Sam got some great gifts from them!  This elephant was his favorite 😉elephant

The brand is Lamaze.  Absolutely adorable elephant whose ears crinkle when you grab them and a belly that squeaks when you squeeze him!  He also got some really cute outfits and teethers.  I will have more on the teethers this week.joyce

Yep, it’s safe to say your Grandma thinks you’re pretty special.  Looks like she loves you just a little bit 🙂joyce2

We then spent some time with family in Cincinnati.  It was great to see all of our extended family because for some it was their first time meeting Sam the man!group1

I love this next picture because it looks like Sam is telling such an exciting story and my parents can’t wait for the details!group2

Christmas morning we woke up at my parents house with all of my siblings.  Jenna gave Sam some super cute outfits!  She also make little gift tags each year for the presents.  I always save them and put them on our tree for the next year.  Also, we call her Toodie.jenna gifts

Uncle Joe got Sam the cutest Dragon hat with matching scarf.  I mean, seriously adorable.joey gift

Aunt Lindsey got us all kinds of cool things for when Sam goes to daycare.  She had to explain the purpose of everything she gave us.  I had no idea!  This was really helpful and made sending him to daycare a little more fun.  She also made him this adorable book, “On the Road Again to Cincinnati.”  Yeah, I shed a couple of tears over that one.lindsey gifts

We gave Sam the Zany Zoo from B.Toys.  So much to do on this one cube! our giftGrandma and Grandpa H. got Sam his new car seat and the Baby Brezza food processor!  So excited to use both of these very soon!car seatbrezzaMy mom also got me “Cooking for Baby.”  This is a really cool cook book as it has suggested recipes for different ages.  It also gives suggestions on what foods to start with first and how often to introduce a new food.

Ryan got me a beautiful ring from an Etsy shop called, Meadowbelle Market.  They are sisters that make custom sterling silver jewelry.  They have some awesome idea’s on their shop’s website.  Check them out!my gift
It was such a great day… none of us changed out of our pj’s.  gift collage

Sam’s pj’s were actually Ryan’s from his first Christmas.  How cute are they?!

ryan butt

I just love these next pictures of Sam with my dad.  My dad has 3 daughters and 1 son. He is a wonderful father and was always so involved in our lives growing up.  I do think that he is excited about somewhat evening out the playing field by having a GrandSON.  Sam sure does love his and sam

dad and sam2

dad and sam3

On Christmas Eve, we stepped outside to take a few family shots.  The light was really beautiful.our family

Several people asked us this year if we took Sam to see Santa.  We didn’t and it’s not something we ever plan to do.  I just don’t feel the need to put Sam on a strange man’s lap and have Sam scream out of fear.  I don’t think any less of those that choose to include Santa into their Christmas traditions, it’s just not for us.  I don’t think we can totally keep Santa out of our Christmas traditions because the rest of our family wants to keep that tradition.  It won’t be something we celebrate in our house but I have a feeling Santa will come to Grandpa H.’s house whether we like it or not 🙂

It was a beautiful day filled with memories to last a lifetime.  We read Sam “The Road to Bethlehem” on Christmas Eve and I think that will be a tradition for many years to come.  God has blessed us so much and we are so excited for what the future has in store for our family.  I hope you enjoyed spending time with your family and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

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