5 Months!

Happy 5 Months Sammy boy!


You, young man, have had a very busy month.  You had your first full night of sleep, your first Christmas, first day of daycare, first cold and your first two teeth!  Whew!  Busy, busy, busy.  Every day you are turning more and more into a little boy than an infant.  It’s so fun to watch you grow!  Some of your favorite things right now are your bouncer and exersaucer.  You have really gotten the hang of the bouncer and love getting wild and crazy when you’re in it.  Teething rings are another favorite.  Especially, the one’s Grandma Joyce gave you.  Never leave the house without them!  You are still love your cow blanket and must have it in order to sleep.  It’s so precious to see you snuggle with it.  Your giggle is absolutely infectious and is the sweetest sound we’ve ever heard.  There are so many different ways we can get you to laugh now!  Mommy loves making funny faces and peek-a-boo with you and daddy loves blowing raspberries on your belly and pretending to eat your chubby thighs.  You think it’s sooo funny.  You are so close to rolling over!  It’s literally going to happen any day now!  Everything you see you try to grab and quickly put in your mouth.  Mommy and daddy have their work cut out for them once you are mobile!

Towards the middle of the month you started to pull yourself up when sitting on someones lap and are getting really good at sitting up by yourself.  You’re not able to sit by yourself quite yet but I have no doubts that next month I will be reporting you’ve mastered that skill.

You also found these two items…. your feet.PicMonkey Collage

You love them.  In fact you love them so much you want to eat them.  You drool at the sight of them and are so concentrated on figuring out a way to get them in your mouth!  You love pulling on your socks and trying to get them off to expose your beautiful piggies!

Your first Christmas was so much fun.  For whatever reason, you loved hearing your momma sing you Christmas songs.  There were times that you were really fussy and the only thing that calmed you down and kept you content was listening to me sing every Christmas song I could think of.  Daddy didn’t necessarily appreciate hearing my voice as much as you did 🙂  You also slept soundly through the night on Christmas Eve. That’s right from 7:30pm to 7am you were a sleepin’ baby.  Mommy and daddy truly got a ‘Silent Night’…. get it? 😉


And really from that night on you have slept through the night.  There have been a couple of days here and there that you’ve woken up but you will typically put yourself back to sleep until 6am.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We try to always make your naps a priority and make sure that we are home to do your bedtime routine and get you into bed by 7:30pm.  You act as though you’re going to turn into a pumpkin if we ever try to push it back a little.  Your sleep is important for your growth so we will always make it a priority.

You started Daycare this month!  Mommy and daddy were so grateful that you didn’t have to start until you were over 4 months old and after the Holidays.  We absolutely LOVE the daycare you are at and are so thankful we were able to secure a spot there.  The first day, you were so serious when we walked in the room.  So many sounds and faces.  You were busy taking it all in.   Mommy never cried when she dropped you off but she did cry around lunch time.  I think it’s because when you are with your Grandma’s they usually send me a picture during the day of you, which holds me over until I get home from work.  However, when you are at daycare I don’t get to see you until I pick you back up.  I’ve adjusted and it’s no big deal now.  You love seeing all of your friends and teachers too.  After only your second day, the teachers commented to me how they wished you were full-time because you are such a breath of fresh air in the infant room.  So laid back and care free and such a cutie!  They love you!  Right now you are only going 1 day a week to daycare and the other days your Grandma’s are smooching all over you!

The cutest thing that happened this month is…… 2 pearly white teeth!IMG_7176

You got your two bottom teeth!  Your adorableness factor went up like 10,000%!  You were really fussy the day before they popped through but that’s about it.  I was shocked when I felt them because you didn’t really give any warning that they might be on their way.  Besides all the drooling.  So precious.  You’re growing so fast!

You also got your first cold this month.  Daddy was sick with the flu and mommy had a bad head cold earlier in January.  I don’t know if you caught my cold or something from daycare but you were so stuffed up and had a pretty bad cough.  The humidifier was a must this month!



collage 3



We love you so much Sam!  You are everything to us!

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