Traveling Back in Time Through Videos

While going through the camcorder the other day I found some videos that I never posted but are totally post worthy!  It’s so fun to go back and reminisce.  I remember these days like they were yesterday.  It’s crazy that it’s already been a year since both of these videos were taken.  It’s also really fun to watch these video’s because we were so excited with anticipation of who our baby would look like and what his personality would be.  Man are we blessed!

The first video is the day we found out we were pregnant 🙂

Next, the video of my family finding out on Christmas morning we were pregnant.  It still hurts my stomach to watch this video.  I was sooo nervous as my mom, ever so slowly, turned each page of the calendar.  Sam was born in August and so we put this picture for that month.  prodsize=CALENDARWALL  Seriously, my stomach flips every time I watch it.

Hope you enjoyed!  I’ve got a few more video clips to post in the near future.  I’m also going to have a post of my struggles and triumphs after having a c-section last week.  I finally wrote it all down.

Have a great day!

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