What’s for dinner? Wait, did I eat lunch?

I’m sure all momma’s out there can relate to the title of this post.  Eating is something I have to remind myself to do.  Now that we have Sam, there are so many things to juggle and be responsible for that your own needs tend to go by the wayside a lot.  Because of this I’ve tried to find short cuts for healthy, all natural meals that don’t take a lot of time or ingredients but aren’t lacking anything in flavor. PicMonkey Collage

A major shortcut and semi-obsession I have now is with Rotisserie Chicken.  It’s already cooked, deliciously flavored and can be used for several different meals.  I recently found out you can actually just buy the rotisserie chicken meat.  It’s ready to go!  I pick this chicken up once a week and usually buy 2-3lbs of it.  It costs like $6 and it’s delicious.  Here are just some of the uses I have found for it.

  1. On top of your favorite salad {Endless possibilities here}
  2. Pear, blue cheese, spinach and chicken flat bread
  3. Chicken Panini’s {with pesto, humus or just cheese}
  4. Chicken Tetrazzini
  5. Spinach, artichoke and chicken casserole
  6. Chicken Pot Pie
  7. Chicken Noodle Soup
  8. Chicken Tortilla Soup
  9. Chicken Salad with red grapes, walnuts and honey
  10. Deli Sandwich
  11. Chicken Enchiladas
  12. Chicken Taco’s
  13. Shredded BBQ Chicken
  14. Shredded Buffalo Chicken
  15. Main protein used for dinner paired with 2 sides

It is so easy to now add in that protein that is so important to anyone’s diet, especially a nursing mothers.  For lunch I usually take a salad to work and will toss some chicken in.  I also love taking leftovers to work. 

Another great healthy, natural and organic food item I’ve recently fallen in love with is this.soup_o_redpepper_tomato_lgLiterally, the best soup ever.  You can find it just about anywhere.  I typically will buy mine from Kroger, it’s in the health food section.  Pair this with a salad and fahgettaboudit.  Did I have it 4 days last week?  Maybe.  Ok yes, I did.  I’ve actually had an obsession with soups lately.  With the above soup as an exception, canned soup is just not good for you.  Holy sodium intake!  And making soup at home is sooo easy.  So far I’ve made chicken noodle, potato, chicken tortilla and I’m getting ready to make butternut squash.  On these cold Ohio days, soup is even more scrumptious.  It’s easy to make, quick to pack for lunch and great for dinner paired with a panini or salad.

Have a great weekend everyone!  We are having enchilada’s tonight for dinner.  Can you guess what they will be filled with???  Beef!  I’m actually being serious.  I found a fantastic recipe for Chipotle Barbacoa Beef and it is insanely delicious.  I figure it’s a Friday night… get a little crazy and mix it up 😉

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