Sammy Sam

So I looked back at the last post in regards to a Sam update and it was his 6 month update!  He looks so tiny to me in that picture!  Well he will be 11 months old this month so clearly a lot has happened since I posted last. PicMonkey Collage4

I also fell off the bandwagon with taking his monthly pictures after 8 months.  See theres that magic number 8 again.  With the move, a trip, a new job and selling a house, we were a little busy in May and June! 🙂 

Sam had TONS of firsts since I posted last.  He had his first haircut at 5 months old by my best friend Lauren.  PicMonkey Collage3

Lauren clearly knew how to work the scissors around a squirmy, 5 month old boy.  She has a little one of her own that will be two this August!  She was fast and fabulous!  Sam no longer looked like a Samantha but like Sam the Man again!  He looked so much older after his hair cut, made me tear up.

Sam of course is also crawling all over the place now.  He started crawling around 8 months and then really took off at 9 months old.  He is into everything now.  You definitely can’t leave him alone for even a second anymore.  Sam also took his first trip this past May.  We went to visit my good friend Jenna, who recently had a baby in February, down in Savannah.  Since Ryan had just started his new job, he wasn’t able to go with us anymore.  So I braved traveling with an 8 month old, on a plane, by myself.  I have to say, it wasn’t that bad. Samcollage

Sam slept for pretty much all of the flights.  He was such a good boy.   I will have a post on my travels with Sam and what I feel made it a success.  We had so much fun in Savannah.  What a beautiful city!  Plus, we got some serious snuggles in with cute baby Jack.  OMG he is the sweetest little thing!  It’s so awesome to see my friends as moms.  It’s just another tie that binds us.

Sam also went to his first parade!  The St. Patty’s day parade in Cincinnati is really fun and the weather was awesome.  He loved all of the bright colors and floats that went by.  We even snagged a picture with the Big Boy!PicMonkey Collage2

Nowadays, Sam is entertained 24/7 living in a household of 7 adults!  He spends his time playing with toys, swimming in the pool, going on walks and playing the piano with Grandpa.  He also says, Momma and Dada too.  Momma was first :-)…. not that anyone’s keeping track 😉PicMonkey Collage5

Seriously precious, right?  Now I leave you with this picture of Sam.  Love it!dad and sam

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