Life in the {not so fast} lane

Life has a way of working itself out sometimes.  Ryan and I had both been working full time since Sam was born and until last May it was working for us.  Sometimes to do what is right and necessary isn’t always the easiest choice to make.  I had to make that choice about 5 weeks ago when I decided to quit my full time job.

Balance.  This is every working mothers battle on a weekly/daily/hourly basis.  Find time to run those errands you’ve been meaning to accomplish for the past month, put something on the table for dinner that is wholesome and nutritious for your family, send that card to what’s her name who just had a baby, these roots won’t color themselves, and oh yeah spend time with the people whom you think about the entire time you’re away: husband and kids.  Notice how, find time for yourself wasn’t even included?  Being away and not focused on anything household or family related for 8-9 hours a day can make being a mom/wife seem impossible.  I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath.  Ever.

So I traded a life in the fast lane {aka just surviving} to spending every second of my day with this boy.

Life  (1 of 3) editedThat moment right there.  Catching my boy in his pi’s, wearing his cowboy hat that he pulled out of his closet is worth every cent I no longer make working full time.  It’s tiny moments like this through out the day that I now get to enjoy first hand that make it worth it.

I want to make sure I point out that I am not in anyway saying women can’t work full time and be good mothers. Because I know women who do it all and freaking rock at it.  I think we can all agree that the environment in which you work has a lot to do with how successful, not to mention happy, you are when it comes to working full time and raising a family.  I’ve known a truly inspiring, healthy, supportive environment and I’ve known the complete opposite.  I’ll leave it at that and let you decide which environment was the most recent 🙂

Life has drastically slowed down for us and it couldn’t be better.  I can actually stay awake past 8pm!  It’s a miracle!  However, we are down 1 full-time income.  Ouch.  So get ready for some frugal spending tips when it comes to the grocery and outings with Sam that keep us alive and well!

Life 2&3 editedI can’t wait to post Sammy boy and his adorable Halloween costume.  Stay tuned for some healthy, Halloween treats that the entire family is sure to enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Life in the {not so fast} lane

  1. Hi Leah,
    This is the first post i’ve read from you, except your about page, and i find it very interesting so i think i will be following you 🙂 I have a question though to your last sentence. As Halloween is now very common in most countries, i was just wondering what your take was on it. In Norway (where i live) it has become more and more common to celebrate Halloween. As i am grown up in a christian (presbyterian family) i was taught that Halloween is the celebration of the existence of the devil. So i don’t celebrate Halloween, but i also stay quiet when friends or acquaintances talk about how much candy they should buy and detailed about the party they will be hosting etc. I should maybe note that i have very few christian friends so i don’t like to pick a fight with them if i can avoid it. At least not until i see that it would make a difference. So, back to my question, what is your take on Halloween?

    • What a fantastic question!! Since you’ve read our about me page then you very well know we are christian too. Our take on Halloween is that it’s a fun time to dress up as your favorite character, animal, etc and spend time with friends and family. If you look into the history behind Halloween it can be a controversial one. Where exactly Halloween truly originated from is unclear and some believe it has celtic christian roots. With that being said, of course our kids will never go out as witches, the devil, or anything evil. We would never want to glorify evil. Halloween for us is a time to have some fun in a very non frightening way 🙂

    • It’s absolutely where I am meant to be. I have never felt more appreciated or accomplished in my entire life than I do now with taking care of my son and home. I agree, wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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