Happy Halloween!! {Yee haw Cowboy!}

Halloween was SO much fun this year, as I thought it would be due to Sam’s age.  He couldn’t believe that all you do is walk up to someone’s front door, say “trick or treat”, open your bag and people would respond by giving you candy?!  Craziness.halloween (1 of 13)So our little cowboy had a blast.  A big part of that was because he got to do it with his very best friends Mia, Zoe and sweet little Adi.  halloween (9 of 13)Even though it was maybe 40 degrees, we had so much fun. Thankfully it didn’t start to rain until we reached our last house. This is truly what I’ve always imagined Halloween being.  Walking around with great neighbors and watching our kids experience all the joys we so vividly remember ourselves.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

halloween (6 of 13)Nana and Papa even made a guest appearance before heading out to their own Halloween party.PicMonkey CollageAfter trick or treating we headed home to grab some hot cocoa, cookies and head to our neighbors house for a bonfire and good conversation.  It was a great night.

Sam scored big on the candy front.  Ryan and I have enjoyed it very much 🙂  Turns out, Halloween is a great time to start potty training!  All kinds of candy to congratulate a job well done on the potty.  

I think a true potty training party is in our very near future.  My goal has always been to have only 1 in diapers at a time.  I pray this can be a reality.  Sam is definitely showing signs that he is ready so we shall see!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!! {Yee haw Cowboy!}

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on this Halloween! We had a great time with you & to me, it was the perfect pace & perfect length & perfect company to hang with! Looking forward to next year when Sam is helping Adi to the doors (of course with Mia & Zoe’s help) and you’re pushing the stroller with the newest cutie!

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