{Healthy} Quick and Easy Halloween Treats!

I am so excited for all of the Holidays this year because Sam is at an age where he on some level gets what’s going on and can truly participate in the festivities.  This year he is dressing up as a cowboy and it will be the first year he gets to trick or treat amongst our own neighbors.  I am so excited for all of the fun but also dreading the whole c.a.n.d.y debacle.  It should be of no surprise that I’m not excited about all of the candy that will be in our home mostly for Sam’s sake but also for my own.  I have no self control.  In fact, I bought candy for Boo baskets we handed out to our neighbors and thought I would keep the rest for trick or treaters… it lasted 5 days in our house.  Ugh, curse you snack size carmel milky ways!!!  Thankfully, Sam is only two and I am thinking we will only be going to 5-7 houses tonight before he loses interest. So our candy pile will be at a minimum.

Here are some really tasty, easy and healthy Halloween treats that all kids are sure to love.

escobas de brujaWitches Broom Sticks

Adorable, right?!  How easy is this too.  Such a fun idea for lunch or as a snack if you’re having a party.  Just cheese, pretzels and chives make up the brooms and they’re healthy to boot!  You can find the recipe here


Banana Pretzel Spiders

Another pretzel idea that’s absolutely perfect for my 2 year old.  All of the ingredients are some of his favorite foods and this literally would take 2 minutes to put together.  You probably already have everything in your pantry right now!  You can find the recipe here

Halloween Fruit Dip Snacks_PMSpooky Fruit Snacks

This idea takes a bit more time but come on!  How fun are these treats, especially the vampire apples.  You can find the recipe here for the fruit and the dip.  I have a slight twist on the dip shown in the picture.  For a delicious fruit dip try 1 cup of vanilla yogurt with 1/4 cup of peanut butter.  It’s so yummy and so much better for you than the marshmallowy dip that typically cancels out the healthy fruit option.

Healthy-Halloween-Candy-Corn-Snack-Family-Fresh-MealsCandy Corn Parfait

Don’t you love when you can trick your kids into eating their fruits and veggies by disguising it as something else? Me too.  What a perfect way to satisfy your kids sweet tooth by serving them up a delicious parfait.  Sammy and I had this with lunch today and it did not disappoint.

The weather where we live is awful today.  Rainy and high 40’s.  I’m so hoping it at least stops for trick or treating tonight for all the kids…and their parents.  Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy these tasty {healthy} treats!