Birth Plan

Birth Preferences

Should a special circumstance arise that could cause us to deviate from our planned natural birth, we trust that you will provide us with a clear explanation of the special circumstance, the medical need for any procedure you may anticipate, and what options might be available.  In such an event, please know that you will have our complete cooperation after we have had an explanation of the medical need and have had the opportunity to discuss the decision between ourselves.  In the absence of any special circumstance, we ask that the following requests be honored.


During thinning and opening phase of labor

We request:

  • The patience and understanding of medical caregivers to refrain from any practice or procedure that could unnecessarily stand in the way of our having the most natural birth possible.
  • Only necessary hospital staff are to be in the room at any given time.  No medical students, nursing students, residents, etc.  We ask that staff honor the need for quiet and refrain from references to “pain”, “hurt”, or any offer of medication unless requested.
  • No IV prep unless absolutely necessary.
  • Husband is to be present at all times
  • To be free of blood pressure cuff between readings
  • In the absence of a medical necessity, only intermittent monitoring of baby’s heart with fetoscope/doppler or manual use of EFM.
  • To take fluids and light foods
  • To take nutritional snacking if labor is prolonged
  • Minimal number of vaginal exams – with permission- to avoid premature release of membranes.
  • Not to be offered pain management such as an epidural.
  • To use natural oxytocin stimulation in the event of stalled or slow labor.
  • No augmentation of labor via Pitocin, amniotomy, or stripping of membranes without discussion and explanation of need.
  • To be fully apprised and consulted before the introduction of any medical procedure
  • To have the use of a birthing ball if one is available.


During Birthing

We request:

  • To allow natural birthing instincts to facilitate the descent of the baby, as much as possible, with mother-directed breathing down until crowning takes place.
  • Use of HypnoBirthing breathing techniques without staff prompts
  • To birth in an atmosphere of gentle encouragement during the final birthing phase without coaching.  Please- calm, low tones, free of “pushing” prompts.
  • To assume a birthing position of choice that will least likely require an episiotomy.
  • Episiotomy only if absolutely necessary and only after consultation.
  • Use of suctioning device rather than forceps if assistance is medically necessary.
  • Allow up to 30 minutes if necessary for natural placenta delivery.
  • Immediate breast feeding to assist in natural placenta expulsion
  • Uterine massage to assist birth of placenta
  • No cord traction, Pitocin, or manual removal of placenta unless there is emergency.


For baby

We request:

  • Delay cord clamping and cutting until after pulsation has ceased.  Father will cut cord.
  • Delay eye drops for 1-2 hours after birth
  • Allow baby to remain with us for bonding 1-2 hours
  • Breast feeding several times during the first few hours after birth.
  • Breast feeding only.  No bottles, formula, pacifier, artificial nipples.
  • Decline Hep B vaccine.  Baby will receive it at first pediatric appointment.

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