I knew I wanted incoporate exercise into my weekly routine during my pregnancy for several reasons.  It is a way to prepare for childbirth, maintain a healthy weight gain and be able to bounce back even faster after childbirth.  Once the weather gets warmer I plan to take my workouts out on the local walking trail!

Pregnancy Fitness. 

L.O.V.E. this workout series.  There is a different DVD for each Trimester which was really important to me.  This workout involves some weight lifting and cardio.  I really like the combo of the two.  You will definitely feel the burn!  There is also a Post Natal bootcamp DVD included!  How fabulous!





Yoga for your pregnancy. 

Yoga was something I knew I wanted to practice during pregnancy for several reasons.  It is a great way to practice relaxation, build strength and stamina for the demands of labor, and release tension.  This DVD definitely covers all those areas.  There are 3 instructors showing different ways to do the exercises, so no matter where you are in your pregnancy you will be able to participate.  I practice yoga on T, TH.




Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy 

I’m not impressed with this DVD at all.  I barely felt as if I accomplished anything by the end of the 20 minute cardio workout.  It does include 2 different toning workouts for the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.  There is also a bonus Post Workout Bounce Back DVD.  I maybe did this workout 3 times and then switched to just doing Pregnancy Fitness on M,W,F.

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